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How To Make Solid Contact On Golf Shots

It’s so frustrating when you top or chunk a shot. It happens to everyone, even the pros at times.

Now, you can spend your life trying to fix every little piece of your swing in order to find that perfect, consistent movement OR, you can focus on ONE simple directive to your unconscious mind that will tell it to hit the ball on the sweet spot of the club face.

In this video, I give you that directive.  Do this and watch how much more often you hit solid contact on your golf shots.



Golfers get themselves so tied up in swing mechanics whenever they have a bad shot from poor contact. They look for swing problems that just aren’t there and all that happens is they end up creating even more problems looking for the cure.

One of the most effective ways to ensure solid contact on your full swings is simply this: Watch the clubface make contact with the back of the ball.

You know, sometimes I have to pinch myself after I go back to my own tips like this one because they just seem too simple…that’s the biggest problem in golf…we always seem to want to overcomplicate things but we don’t need to!

This simple tip, if focused on, will eliminate most of your poor contact shots and you’ll want to make it a permanent habit. Need a little proof that this works? Look at these pros and notice how far their swing has gone past hitting the ball and they are still looking down at the spot where they hit it. DO NOT twist this into “Keep your head down.” This is different.
Just let the momentum of your swing naturally pull your head up out of it’s contact position.

You don’t have to try, just think “watch the club hit the ball” during your practice swing and then swing away…

Emblazon this on your brain cells and focus on it now and during your range warmup and just watch your ball go farther and straighter. It’s such a simple game if you want it to be.

The Proper Golf Club Grip Pressure For You

I’ve seen dozens of pages attempting to teach golfers the “proper” way to grip a golf club. Instructors are clueless that their instruction in this area only confuses most of their students. My take: grip it how it’s comfortable for you. There’s more than one way to hold a club and swing it and you can be successful with any which way you choose.

How hard to hold the club seems to be a bit of an issue too. I think you’ll like what I tell you in this short video. It’s the shortcut secret to golf club grip pressure.



Are you confused by all the advice on how much grip pressure to use when swinging your clubs? Supposedly, Sam Snead said to grip the club like you would hold a baby bird. And then Ben Hogan said: “what Sam Snead didn’t tell you is that the baby bird is a hawk.”

As with so much golf advice out there, you can find conflicting opinions on this but I’m here to clear it up for you.

Frankly, I’ve never paid any attention to anyone saying to grip the club harder or softer, I just pick up the club and hold it just enough so that it doesn’t fly out of my hand and I TRUST that that is the right pressure and I never give it a thought. If you follow me, you’ll know that I preach that TRUST is the most important thing in a golf swing.

The Shortcut secret to grip pressure that clears up the confusion is to grip the club as tight as you want BUT…do not let the tightness go past the palms and into the wrists.

Imagine that you have a boundary between your palms and your wrists that does not let the tightness or tension go past. Your wrists, forearms, elbows and upper arm should be loose all the way through the swing.

A number of teaching pros say that the bigger error in grip pressure with amateurs is that they have varying grip pressures throughout the swing while the pros have a consistent pressure from start to finish.

Whatever you do with this tip…DO NOT bring it to the course or even give it a thought out there. Think about and work on it in practice or swinging in your yard and get to a place where you can TRUST your swing and you’ll be perfect!

Greens and fairways,

Don’t Believe Any Golf Instructor or Coach

Quite often, I hear from my golfer clients that they are so confused by the conflicting swing advice…and sometimes conflicting mental game advice…that they are given by instructors and coaches.

One says to swing more around the body while another says you need to bring it more upright.

One mental coach says you need to play against par, and not your opponents while another says that you play for the love of the game (me).

Who do you believe? What to incorporate?

Well, I just made a short video to address this.
Click on the video below and let me know what you think in the comments below that.



Don’t Trust Any Golf Guru!
Listen, as usual. I’m going to be controversial in this video. Why is it that we think that if a golf instructor has worked with a touring pro, or has been a touring pro himself (or herself) that that makes them a good golf instructor for you?

Let me tell you right here that what makes a good instructor for YOU has nothing to do with any of that! NOTHING.

The best golf instructors are the ones that flex to what’s best FOR YOU! They don’t try to fit round pegs into square holes. EVERY GOLFER IS DIFFERENT and cookie cutter swing methods do not work for everyone.
That’s the big problem with getting golf instruction online. You can’t do much of a personal approach when you’re selling generic information.

What you’re really looking for is results and you don’t know in advance whether or not some golf advice is going to work for us, right?. So we subconsciously look for clues that give us the confidence that we might get those results for the time and money we spend.

We tend to believe that since this guy was voted best golf teacher of the year well then maybe that increases the chances that what they have to teach will work for me. But there is NO DIRECT CORRELATION between those 2 facts.

So then, who is the best golf instructor for you then? YOU!

Nobody knows you as well as YOU do. I’m here to tell you, today…do NOT trust any golf instruction out there as gospel. Including mine!

What you want to do, then, is to take in golf instruction, from me, or anyone else and make decisions as to what you think will work for you…commit to it…AND IGNORE THE REST.

I don’t want you to blindly follow any of my advice. I want you to listen to the logic of what I or anyone else is teaching and test it with what you know about yourself. I can’t tell you how many golfers I’ve talked to who have studied or worked with big name teachers and gotten ZERO results…and then they blame themselves for it and feel ashamed to even admit it while the big name teacher goes around spouting tour names…blah blah blah

TRUST YOURSELF and your intelligence. Be a skeptic and don’t be one of the sheople who idolize the golf media’s pets.

I’m Craig Sigl and your swing is good enough to go low, right now.

How To Hit A Draw Shot In 5 Minutes

During my first 20 years of playing golf, I was a slicer. I saw other golfers hitting a draw and it just seemed so foreign to me. I had a few well-meaning golfers try to “fix” me with some tips here and there and nothing worked.

“rotate your hands over”

“flatten your swing”

“hit the ball from inside to out”

and on and on…

It seemed like my body was permanently grooved into that fade/slice swing that came from my years of playing baseball as a kid.

But, I really wanted those extra 15 yards that a draw could get me off the tee…

I took a set of lessons and asked my pro to teach me how to draw the ball. He asked me about my current swing and I told him how I was pretty consistent with my fade. I would aim down the left side of the fairway and pretty much end up in the fairway 90% of the time.

He said: “Are you really sure you want to do this? Consistency is a good thing.”

I was kind of shocked by that but answered, “Yeah, of course I do.” Because I wanted to look like a pro.

He said “Ok, let’s do it.”

And within 5 minutes after my instructor started, I was hitting a draw and some hooks!

I couldn’t believe it but I was seeing it with my own eyes.

It felt so strange…

Here’s what I learned and still use to this day to draw all my shots:



Do you have a slice that is out of control? Or maybe it just creeps up on you sometimes in the middle of the round and your best efforts to fix it only make your swing worse?

Well I’ve got a VERY simple solution that could also be a long-term fix for your slice.

I used to fade or slice everything 20 years ago and it cost me 20 yards on my drives until I discovered this one tip that fixed it permanently for you.

The next time When you line up for your shot addressing the ball. Take your normal address position and then have a partner put a club up against your shoulders like this.

For most slicers, the club will point left of the target (for a right hander).

The shortcut secret to instantly fixing your slice is to turn your shoulders inward and then change nothing else and take the same swing you always do from that starting position.

Now, this might feel really weird at first. Even unnatural. But I encourage you to do this out on the range. The key here is to FEEL the difference in your swing between the way you used to do it and this way. You should feel your swing flatten out.

When you first try this, swing easy because you feel the difference better. When you swing with your normal speed, your body will try to “adjust for this little trick” and try to go back to what it’s already done.

When I was taught this, I remember being shocked as I watched the ball actually turn over and become a nice draw.

Today, this is all I do when I want to purposely work a ball right to left.
Greens and fairways,
I’m Craig Sigl

Hit More Straight Golf Shots

I’m going to be somewhat of a heretic today by saying that you don’t need to know one darn thing about a swing plane in order to hit a golf ball straight to a target that you choose….and if I’m mistaken, I thought that was how we get lower scores – make the ball go to a target.

Yep, it’s true. Ever watch Lee Trevino’s or Allen Doyle’s or Jim Furyk’s swing? Proof.

Now, I don’t want you to believe me or trust me. I want you to use your own common sense, logic and rational thinking while watching this video below. The concept that I’m giving you in this Shortcut Secret is going to do more to freeing you up for your best game than any swing fix you will ever get.

Once again…watch and trust yourself….



I’m Craig Sigl author of the book: “Break 80! 52 ways to lower your golf score without practice”

You wanna know the secret of hitting golf balls as straight as you can point? Here it is…I actually call this “square and point”. Look in order to send a golf ball to a target, there’s only 2 things that need to happen.

You square the clubhead up to the ball at the moment of impact
You point the shaft down the target line a short distance after striking the ball.

That’s it! That’s the 80/20 to hitting the ball straight. It doesn’t matter WHAT you do in your backswing as long as you do these 2 things and it works with every club in your bag. All fundamental instruction out there is designed to increase the odds of this happening for you so you send the ball to your target. Now, I’m not talking about shaping a ball here…please, leave that to the pros you’re wasting precious time and energy trying to work a ball left and right. Just hit the damn thing straight more often and your scores will go down.

Well, “Easier said than done Craig” you might be saying right about now. I need all that instruction to actually make square and point happen.


For now, just start thinking about what I’ve told you here. Square…and point. In fact, don’t TRY to square and point when you swing….just THINK about it as you drift off to sleep at night and then during your preshot routine out on the course. This works like magic! Trust yourself….

How To Find A Perfect Golf Swing

I’ve got to get this off my chest. I’m so tired of seeing endless ads everywhere telling golfers that they have a “death move” or scaring golfers into thinking their swing is somehow all screwed up.

Don’t believe it! Your swing is good enough to go low. Period.

If you do buy into the belief that you have to have a certain type of swing in order to improve your game, you’re just going to be spinning your wheels in this game for a long time. Not fun.

How do I know? Well, I for one, did exactly that. Yep, I bought into all of that for 2 decades until I freed myself from it and only then did I break 80, my long-standing goal in golf.

Since then, I’ve broken par, turned myself into a single-digit-handicap golfer and now teach golfers all over the world how to do it for themselves. That’s why you’re here.

Watch this video to find out the truth about “the perfect golf swing.” When you’re done with the video, GO HERE to find out how you can go low with the swing you already have.



Hi Craig Sigl here, author of the book: “Break 80! 52 ways to lower your golf score without practice”

Here’s the 80/20 shortcut secret to a perfect golf swing. Are you ready? drumroll please…You already have it. It’s already there and you’ve used it. It’s just a matter of internal communication for you to be able to call upon it. If you’ve ever hit a great shot with your clubs, then you have the DNA and memory to do it again…and again…

But, you will never find it if you are on this quest to “perfect” your swing. For most amateurs and weekend players, you will be wasting tons of time and energy constantly trying to tweak your swing. If you have the basic fundamentals…and most golfers do, then your swing is good enough right now to shoot in the 70’s.

Let go of the idea that there is such a perfect swing or that you should chase it. It doesn’t exist…
So many golfers are totally brainwashed by the golf industry! They think that to improve their score they have to fix their swing. FALSE! It’s pictures and analysis like this that actually holds you back. You see things like this and then you stop trusting your swing TRUST is much more important than perfect. Get off that hamster wheel of swing perfection and know that you’ve got the shots in your bag, in your body, right now to shoot your best lifetime score.

instead, focus your entire energy on having a repeatable swing. Look at these golfers who have vastly different swings…and they all work at the top levels of golf. Yours can too. You can develop a repeatable swing by hitting thousands of balls in practice…OR, you can stick with me here and I’ll teach you how to do it.

Stay tuned…
Greens and fairways

The Secret To Consistently Longer Drives

Golf Shortcut Secrets is all about a completely new way of looking at and playing the game.

It’s about going beyond all of the current brainwashing the golf industry is subjecting you to in order to keep them in business. Make no mistake, that’s all they really care about. They don’t care about golfers scoring lower. It’s a well-known fact that golf scores have not decreased since steel shafts came on the scene 60 years ago.

You are here because you are somewhat of a maverick. You don’t buy into the standard b.s. that is rehashed over and over in magazines. It hasn’t worked that well for you has it?

No, me either. In fact, I followed all of that advice for years and it got me nowhere, except confused.

In today’s video, I’m going to start the process of breaking up your old beliefs about golf, starting with how to get more distance with your long clubs.

This will open you up to actually increasing your overall yardage instead of just pretending…really!

Go watch this 2 minute video to do just that:



Did you know that the average driving distance for the PGA tour is 287 yards? The average carry is 267. There are more pros that hit less than 287 than hit farther.

Golfers are obsessed with hitting it longer. It’s like some kind of macho thing and I get that. I have to reign myself in quite often to just keep the ball in play.

There are loads of trainings and tutorials out there on how to increase your swing speed to hit the ball farther. I’ve never looked at any one of them and I can hit my drives consistently around 260 or 270. I’m 5’ 5” tall and here’s my swing…nothing special at all and I have been told by instructors that my swing leaks power everywhere. But I’m not interested at all in changing my swing or doing any exercises to get more distance.

What’s my secret to hitting 270 yard drives? Well, did you hear that one word I mentioned when referring to my drives… it’s the word “consistently”

See, here’s the shortcut secret. If you want to hit the ball CONSISTENTLY longer, than what you want to focus on is hitting the ball on the sweet spot more often. Yes, you can increase your distance by building muscles but you will increase your AVERAGE driving distance much faster and more efficiently by putting your energy into DEAD SOLID PERFECT CONTACT.

George Bayer who is well-known as one of the longest hitters ever to play on the tour once said: “If you want to hit the ball longer, hit it better.”

Now, if your entire purpose for increasing your distance is to show off an occasional drive that is longer than you’ve ever hit before, then by all means, do the exercises and increase your swing speed but DONT think that by doing that that your overall distance game will improve. It will not! In fact, for the time and energy you spend working on that, you could be putting it into much more efficient SCORE-LOWERING practices and drills. Stay tuned for those, I’m Craig Sigl