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How To Hit A Draw Shot In 5 Minutes

During my first 20 years of playing golf, I was a slicer. I saw other golfers hitting a draw and it just seemed so foreign to me. I had a few well-meaning golfers try to “fix” me with some tips here and there and nothing worked.

“rotate your hands over”

“flatten your swing”

“hit the ball from inside to out”

and on and on…

It seemed like my body was permanently grooved into that fade/slice swing that came from my years of playing baseball as a kid.

But, I really wanted those extra 15 yards that a draw could get me off the tee…

I took a set of lessons and asked my pro to teach me how to draw the ball. He asked me about my current swing and I told him how I was pretty consistent with my fade. I would aim down the left side of the fairway and pretty much end up in the fairway 90% of the time.

He said: “Are you really sure you want to do this? Consistency is a good thing.”

I was kind of shocked by that but answered, “Yeah, of course I do.” Because I wanted to look like a pro.

He said “Ok, let’s do it.”

And within 5 minutes after my instructor started, I was hitting a draw and some hooks!

I couldn’t believe it but I was seeing it with my own eyes.

It felt so strange…

Here’s what I learned and still use to this day to draw all my shots:



Do you have a slice that is out of control? Or maybe it just creeps up on you sometimes in the middle of the round and your best efforts to fix it only make your swing worse?

Well I’ve got a VERY simple solution that could also be a long-term fix for your slice.

I used to fade or slice everything 20 years ago and it cost me 20 yards on my drives until I discovered this one tip that fixed it permanently for you.

The next time When you line up for your shot addressing the ball. Take your normal address position and then have a partner put a club up against your shoulders like this.

For most slicers, the club will point left of the target (for a right hander).

The shortcut secret to instantly fixing your slice is to turn your shoulders inward and then change nothing else and take the same swing you always do from that starting position.

Now, this might feel really weird at first. Even unnatural. But I encourage you to do this out on the range. The key here is to FEEL the difference in your swing between the way you used to do it and this way. You should feel your swing flatten out.

When you first try this, swing easy because you feel the difference better. When you swing with your normal speed, your body will try to “adjust for this little trick” and try to go back to what it’s already done.

When I was taught this, I remember being shocked as I watched the ball actually turn over and become a nice draw.

Today, this is all I do when I want to purposely work a ball right to left.
Greens and fairways,
I’m Craig Sigl

18 Responses

  1. Fiber says:

    nice videos, but I found the audio very poor: could you try to fix it?

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Can you tell me what you are experiencing with the audio quality? It sounds good on my end.

    • Harry A. Wigder, PPCT Instructor Trainer says:

      Thank you. This tip works some of the time for me. It is the mental aspect that is my bogeyman – literally. I can boom a drive pretty durn fur for a 74 year old, but sometimes I choke on my chips, pitches, and putts, Ergo, my score, which should be in the 80’s, blossoms into the high 90’s and worse.


      • Craig Sigl says:

        Hi Harry, yes, it’s not meant to be a solid fix, just a temporary band aid for on the course. The secret is consistency. You can either get consistent through hours of practice or tapping into the unconscious consistency mechanism.

        Greens and Fairways,


  2. Dave says:

    Sounded ok to me

  3. umer farooq says:

    great tip, I benefitted form this simple advise. thank you.

  4. Ronald B says:

    tip looks good and makes good sense – but i haven’t tried it yet. does one close the shoulder by closing the stance or does one’s stance remain as before?

  5. NameNameAlbert Fulvi says:

    Your videos are awsome! I love the attitude you portray. Great stuff!!

  6. Daniel says:

    I believe the best way to hit a draw is to aim to the right with feet, hips, shoulders and turn your club face so it is pointing to the target. Then just swing along the alignment of your feet, hips, shoulders. This should cause the ball to draw.

  7. Martyn says:

    Makes perfect sense to me Craig, unfortunately I’m not going to make it to the range before my next round….dare I try it on the course?! Haha!

    • Craig Sigl says:

      I think you can try it on the range warming up. It’s a simple thing. It will either work right away or it won’t. If not, just play the fade.
      Greens and Fairways,


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