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The #1 Reason Why You Don’t Bring Your Practice Game To The Course

The biggest problem I have assisted golfers to overcome in my entire career is the maddening frustration that you can’t swing or putt when it counts like you do in practice.  On the range or practice putting green, you’re smooth…it’s easy…you’re relaxed and comfortable and literally like another person. And then you step up to Click to watch video …

Progression of fixes

When you run into slow play on the course

It’s going to happen at some time in your future.  You are cruising along a course and in a rhythm and feeling like your game is coming together.  All of a sudden, you catch up to a slow group in front of you, and the pace comes to a screeching halt.  Everybody in your group Click to watch video …

Coaching call lesson: The Perfect Mindset For a Breakthrough

Senior golfers smiling

Before setting your scoring goal, you should realize that your mindset going forward is just as important as the number you choose. Far too many golfers are on a linear track to achieve their golf goals. This works for normal life success very well. Golf, on the other hand, will not be conquered that way Click to watch video …

Pre-shot routine part 2 (Alignment drill)

Alignment is a huge part of a pre-shot routine and so I included a quick drill from my buddy Steve Wozeniak. This video has the next 5 elements of an effective routine to trigger the unconscious golf mechanism and set you up for success. (part 1 pre shot routine) Here’s the Without Practice Bootcamp The Click to watch video …

Ben Hogan’s secrets

An Effective Pre-shot Routine – part 1

A purposeful pre-shot routine sets a golfer up for consistency in the swing.  It’s one of the easiest things in golf to do consistently and it creates consistency momentum going into the swing itself.   Here’s part 1 of Craig’s 6 elements to a pre-shot routine that takes full advantage of the benefits to every golfer, Click to watch video …

Make All Your Short Putts part 3

If you are already excellent at making short putts, then you might not want to watch this. I don’t want you “thinking” about your short putts with new info that you don’t need. If you are a firm believer in the “Open door, close door” putting school of thought, then this won’t apply to you Click to watch video …

2 Drills You Can Do In Your Living Room

The video below shows you how I find my perfect swing when I haven’t played in awhile. Click Here for another way to find your perfect swing

Are Your Scores Stuck Because of a Physical Or Mental Issue?

I’ve been a golf mental coach for over 10 years now working with golfers from rank beginners to tour players and if there’s been one thing I’ve never really been able to figure out about golfers it’s this: If just about every golfer knows that, once you have the basics of the game,  golf is Click to watch video …