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Promote “From Range To Course” and “Shortcut Secrets To Consistent Golf” and then Brian Mogg’s instruction…


Your referrals will also be offered downsells and of these individual products below (that are included with Shortcuts to Consistent Golf product) where you also earn 60% commissions. So you see, your referrals have multiple opportunities to buy, this isn’t just a one-shot deal. I really want to make this a sweet deal for you so I will continue to provide great content to your golfers and expose them to multiple sales pieces and products.


Your leads just keep giving and giving to you.

So here’s the deal: You send your leads to either “From Range To Course” or “Shortcut Secrets To Consistent Golf” initial launch pages (I recommend “From Range to Course” first) OR, Brian Mogg’s instruction products and then:

The plan

Referrals watch intro content video (A. or B. below) and if they like it, optin to see the rest. Not a squeeze page. A. From Range to Course – 2 content videos and a 3rd one is sales video. $97 Whether they buy or not, I keep giving more 2-minute content tip videos…and then I send them to: B. Shortcut Secrets To Consistent Golf (used to be “Without Practice” which is the bundle I launched 2 years ago at $197. Price reduced to $97) This is a 4-part launch with 3 content videos and 4th a sales page: Whether they buy or not, I keep sending them 2 minute free video tips and continue exposing them to all my products, sharing the profits with you for my entire product line. Look, the way I see it, 50% of something is better than 50% of nothing. You worked hard to get these golfers on your list and so you deserve 50% of everything. This is a true partnership.

Other affiliate programs give you 50% of one product and then keep 100% of the back-end. Not here.

How much can you make? 60% of everything below: 52 Ways to Lower Your Golf Score Without Practice Craig Sigl’s mental game instruction: GLAP From Range To Course – $97 Shortcut Secrets to Consistent Golf – $97 Break 80 Without Practice – $47 Brian Mogg’s physical game instruction: Going Low – $99 10 Proven Tips For Long Drives – $29.95 Scoring Zone Secrets – $37 It’s a full sales funnel with products for every golfer and what they like to spend. Conversions for these individual products have historically run 1%-4.8%. Your visitors will get exposed to each of the sales pages for all products. They are sure to find something they like at their price range.

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Without Practice
Better golf self hypnosis
 Long drives