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2 Drills You Can Do In Your Living Room

The video below shows you how I find my perfect swing when I haven’t played in awhile.

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Are Your Scores Stuck Because of a Physical Or Mental Issue?

I’ve been a golf mental coach for over 10 years now working with golfers from rank beginners to tour players and if there’s been one thing I’ve never really been able to figure out about golfers it’s this:

If just about every golfer knows that, once you have the basics of the game,  golf is 90% mental…

then why is it that only a small % of golfers who say they want to improve their game actually do anything about their mental game?

I think I finally got the answer.

Golfers think that their issues are not mental! I’ve got news for you, if you are playing regularly and have the skills, it’s almost ALL mental!!

Follow me now…

For instance…A golfer goes to the range or a lesson with an instructor. After warming up and getting some reps in, the golfer starts hitting the ball pretty consistently. In a lesson, the instructor may even say something like:  “Your swing is looking pretty good and if you can just do the same exact thing on the course,  you’ll do well.”

The golfer goes to the course, sometimes within minutes of one of the above scenarios, and then the swing is nothing like it was on the range.  Here’s the kicker… the golfer thinks it’s a PHYSICAL issue since we are talking about the swing here.

But, that’s not true at all and is the big error golfers make and why they get stuck on scoring plateaus and don’t improve.

Below is a 9 min. clip of some coaching I did where I answered some emails that came to me and I go deep into this.  The email I answered is from a pool player but I relate the issue to golfers midway through the video so stick with it until then. It’s the same exact thing for golfers anyway.