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Ben Hogan’s secrets

Ben Hogan was an enigma. Often called “The Wee Ice Man”  Here’s some interesting facts and tidbits about him you may not know that help us understand him, his swing, and what he brought to the game:256px-Ben_Hogan_Walking

  • He was a terrible putter. His swing is what carried him to greatness.  “If he could putt 25 percent as well as Palmer could, he would have won 50 percent more tournaments.” – Tommy Bolt
  • Hogan had an extra spike in his shoe. It helped keep him down through his swing.
  • Hogan said:  “”My greatest accomplishment was being able to make a living after going broke twice after starting out.”
  • When Hogan was just 9-years-old, his father committed suicide with a self-inflicted chest gunshot. It is believed that his father died right before his eyes, which is often cited as the reason behind his introverted personality in his later years.
  • In 1949 he was involved in a near-fatal car collision.Despite the doctors mentioning that he would never be able to play again, a year later, he competed in the 1950 U.S. Open. He won it, playing 36 holes on the final day, despite severe pain.

By Jeff Richmond
Here is a small sample from The Stress-Free Golf Swing developed from Hogan’s Swing Secret

First I want you to imagine…

– Swinging without a million and one swing thoughts going through your head.
– Playing golf and not trying to find a swing to use that day, because you have a simple one you can rely on and trust.
– Having one key move that you practice and perfect, and the rest of the swing just falls into place.
– Swinging with one key swing thought and that swing thought staying the same, from one swing to the next and from one game to the next.

Sound far-fetched?

It’s NOT!

The advice I give you in this book, Stress Free Golf Swing is for you to have the simplest golf swing on earth. It finally solves the problem of golf swing timing for us busy golfers who don’t spend hours every day hitting balls.

Now in the main part of this book I have not included any information on the setup. But at the end of this book I have included some bonus information on the setup, if you want to refresh yourself with the important aspects of the setup.

This book, however, is about the golf swing, and how to make that easier. The setup is obviously very important. But if your setup is ok then you’ll get the most bang for your buck by improving your golf swing and making it more efficient and easier. That’s what this book is all about, so let’s get started…

The Modern Swing Problem

One of the things that the majority of golfers find most challenging about the modern golf swing is timing. One day you have it and the next you don’t. It’s very frustrating, isn’t it?

And when you look at the golf pros on tour they seem to have good timing day after day. But here’s the thing….

They hit hundreds of balls every day to have that timing. You on the other hand, I imagine don’t have the luxury of spending hours and hours every day hitting balls.

Even if you do have the time to spend every day hitting balls, what I share in this stress free golf swing method will make the golf swing a lot easier. And this one move comes from a golfer who basically invented practicing, Ben Hogan.

Ben was also one of the best, most consistent ball strikers the world has ever seen.

And I believe he knew exactly what the secret was to his consistent swing, but he never revealed it to anyone. I also believe at the end of his career he didn’t hit lots of balls every day to figure his swing out… but instead he did it because he loved to hit the golf ball properly.

It’s well documented that Ben Hogan had a bad problem with a hook earlier in his golfing career. And it’s well known that Ben changed his grip from a strong grip to a weak grip to help combat this. He did this before his car crash in 1949.

But after the car crash his ball striking improved!

The 3 time major champion and hall of fame golfer, Cary Middlecoff, said that Hogan was as inconsistent as most tournament professionals before the accident, scattering drives in the rough and imprecise with his irons.

“It was in 1950 that he began showing the kind of precision golf that set him apart”.
– Cary Middlecoff

Because of the car crash, Hogan saved his strength to focus solely on winning major championships. And win them he did!

Just 17 months after his car crash Hogan won the 1950 U.S. Open. That’s the one with the famous 1-iron into the green at the last.

Then of course, in 1953 he won The Masters, The U.S. Open and the British Open and unfortunately he couldn’t compete in the PGA Championship because the qualifying was at the same time as the British Open.

However, I won’t go on about his record after the crash, because you can look into that more if you want to.

The point is, Hogan said he had a secret and his ball striking improved after the car crash.

In April 1954 Life Magazine published an article in which Ben Hogan was quoted as saying….

“I have a secret… It is easy to see, if I tell you where to look.”

In the next chapter I am going to explain what I believe the secret was, and show you evidence for this. But before I do that, here’s the problem with the modern golf swing that is often taught these days (and I’m not pointing fingers, because I have taught this and I learned this)….

That’s a small sample from the new Stress-Free Golf Swing. To find out more about: The Stress-Free Golf Swing.


Hogan photo credit: By Jimhealey24 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Steve Wozeniak – Fix Your Swing At Home

Steve Wozeniak is one of 8 instructors in the Great Golf Without Practice Bootcamp where you can find 100 tips, tactics and techniques to work on your game anywhere, without practice.  Just $19.

Steve is a PGA Director of Instruction in Bellevue, Washington and has 25 years experience teaching 75 Tour players and more than 300 PGA and LPGA golf professionals.  He has direct lineage to the teachings of Sam Byrd, Ben Hogan’s coach for over 20 years.  While at the prestigious Ocean Reef Club in Florida, Steve has taught some of the game’s very best including Scott Piercy, Rocco Mediate, Jim Colbert, Jim Dent, Marco Dawson, Emily Klein, Leonard Thompson, Jim Mclean and Jimmy Ballard.  With his easy to understand, “rid yourself of the nonsense” approach to the golf swing, he is one of the top instructors in the country.

Steve is the only instructor in the Pacific Northwest that has taught winners on all four major tours, the PGA, LPGA, Champions and For more on Steve and to take lessons from him in person,  contact him 425-533-4711

Slow Down To Golf Time



A segment from just one of the 8 golf instructors in the Great Golf Without Practice Bootcamp



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Nor Cal PGA Names Eric Jones of The Bridges Golf Club the Teacher of the Year

VACAVILLE, Calif. — The Northern California Section of the PGA is pleased to announce that Eric Jones, PGA Teaching Professional at The Bridges Golf Club in San Ramon, Calif., has garnered the 2014 NCPGA Teacher of the Year Award. Jones is being honored for his contributions to golf instruction for players and professionals at the facility, PGA Section, and National level. People of all ages and playing levels can take advantage of the resources at their local facility. There are PGA Golf Instructors there who can help them learn or improve their golf skills.


Jones is a graduate of Stanford University where he played collegiate golf and also served as the Junior Varsity/Assistant Coach. He is one of only a few PGA Professionals who holds a Master’s degree in Sport Psychology. An accomplished competitive golfer, Jones has been playing golf for more than 45 years. He won the 2003 World Long Drive Championship title and captured his 2nd Long Drive Championship title in 2012.
“I am passionate about the art and science of teaching golf. I feel strongly that the future of golf instruction lies not just in improving the swing nor in enhancing mental skills, but in the intersection of both disciplines, where the mind and the mechanics work together to maximize performance,” said Jones.


Jones is the author of more than 100 articles on golf, an expert consultant to the PGA, featured keynote speaker at major golf shows, founder of the Eric Jones Golf Academy, and author of numerous golf books including “The 5 Keys to Distance”, “The A-Game Cheat Sheet”, and “How To Practice Your Golf Swing Like The Pros”. His innovative books, videos and seminars have helped countless golfers elevate their performance.
His teaching practice extends well beyond the traditional one-on-one sessions to include clinics, workshops, seminars, monthly training programs, online instruction, a radar-based training program and a new junior golf academy. By structuring a teaching practice with multiple forms of student engagement, Jones is able to provide the equivalent of more than 1,800 lessons per year and a variety of structured improvement programs that make instruction accessible to all levels of players at affordable price points.

Take your best driving range swing to the course

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Ok, we all know the frustrating experience of just piping our driver and irons at the range but we can’t seem to hit the broad side of a barn on the golf course! How many times have you said to yourself “man, I was hitting the ball sooooo good at the range but I can’t seem to hit the ball anywhere I’m aiming today!” This happens to amateurs and pros alike. Imagine having a process, a strategy, that lets you take your very best driving range swing to the golf course?! Seriously. Read on… I remember getting to this part of how training and my eyes lit up and my heart raced in anticipation of what I might learn. You’re going to see almost all of it. There is definitely enough here to use and transfer your best swings to the golf course. I love this stuff!
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Learn From The Pros Playing Styles To Maximize Your Game

By Wade Pearse


Download Playing Styles report

Take a look at a few players at the PGA Championship this weekend. There are various playing styles. Yet something interesting is happening on tour due to the equipment.

Swings have changed over the years but never as much as the modern swing has due to the new drivers. They swing as hard as possible to hit it as far as possible since the drivers and ball combinations have allowed this. So what does this mean to playing styles? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Well, for one there are less true Magicians left in the game. Players have naturally evolved into would-be conquerors. Yet many players don’t suit that at all but still mindless try to become one. Because the game promotes that style of play nowadays. Don’t get caught in that trap! Be who YOU are and play to your strength. You will always, always, always score better when you know your playing style and manage your round based on this.

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By the way, diff I say “always” enough?! Ok, now let’s look at Tom Watson. His evolution is more natural and not driven by equipment. He was definitely a magician for the majority of his playing career but now he has become more of a Strategist. Never attempting to overpower the course or over swing for a few measly extra yards. No, his wisdom is in knowing the natural evolution of his playing style. Just think, he almost won the British Open in his late 60’s! We’ll likely never see that happen again. That’s the power of knowing your game.

Rory is now a true Conqueror. Unbelievably string with his driver he just smashes his drives long and straight and overpowers a golf course.

Tiger is stuck in no-man’s land. He must know, even if only at a subconscious level, that his game doesn’t allow for him to play as a Conqueror anymore. Those days are behind him. Yet he’s stuck in being a technician which is really hurting his natural feel and gifts. Watch him and you can almost sense he’s thinking about his swing as opposed to thinking about his target. When he can trust being a true Strategist and connect his gifts to a more strategic approach he will attain a high level of performance once again. A man with that many wins has a reservoir of excellence inside and imagery of wins that no-one else on the planet has. He will find a way to win.

Preshot Routine Timing – The Secret Key to Guaranteed Consistency

I’m not sure which is most important for golfers. Accuracy? Distance? Well, no matter which one might be in first place I know that consistency is my greatest desire in golf. In fact this must be near the top of most golfers wish list. You scan work on your swing and do traditional things to achieve this but I can guarantee you’ll NEVER have seen what you’re about that Wade created. It’s all about rhythm and timing and is so simple it’s ridiculous! But it just flat out works. Take the time to use this and you’ll be blown away at how your scores flatten out. The spikes up and down will dissolve and you’ll know, once and for all, what to do when your rhythm is off.

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Techniques to calm the nerves in golf

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When was the last time you were nervous over a putt or a shot? Maybe the last time you stood on the first tee! Hey, we ALL get nervous at least once in a while. After all, we’re human, not robots. Ok, here are some things you can do today and while you play your very next round to eliminate nerves. Better yet, to make nerves your ally instead of an enemy.

by Wade Pearse

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