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Preshot Routine Timing – The Secret Key to Guaranteed Consistency

I’m not sure which is most important for golfers. Accuracy? Distance? Well, no matter which one might be in first place I know that consistency is my greatest desire in golf. In fact this must be near the top of most golfers wish list. You scan work on your swing and do traditional things to achieve this but I can guarantee you’ll NEVER have seen what you’re about that Wade created. It’s all about rhythm and timing and is so simple it’s ridiculous! But it just flat out works. Take the time to use this and you’ll be blown away at how your scores flatten out. The spikes up and down will dissolve and you’ll know, once and for all, what to do when your rhythm is off.

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5 Responses

  1. Mbwa Kali Sana says:

    When does the Routine start from ?
    Is it when you take the club out of the bag ,or when you settle at address?
    In any case a useful tip:being slow and deliberate is what I do!

  2. Wade Pearse says:


    The routine starts at a moment that you determine. Let me explain. I my coaching I differentiate the preshot planning stage with the preshot routine. Since I don’t have room to go into those distinctions here let’s just say the preshot planning is assessing the shot before you select a club.

    Ok, now, once you’re clear on what you want to do your preshot routine can begin at any point from there. So if you want to include grabbing the club from the bag as part of the routine, as some pros do, you can do that. Some players, like myself, choose to start the routine once I’m holding the club and standing behind the ball visualizing my shot.

    If I were to recommend an approach to this I’d say it begins when you have the club in your hand and you’re standing behind the ball looking at your target. From that point right up to the takeaway. Keep this timing as close to a set time as possible and you will be amazed at how consistent your game becomes.

    Wade Pearse
    Whole Mind Golf
    Stop Playing Half-Brained Golf

  3. Laren says:

    Good advice. I have noticed that when I am having a bad hole, that I speed up significantly. Using the same preshot timing when hitting practice balls as on the course also helps. I just wish players would go thru their wind, elevation, etc evaluations before it is their turn instead of starting it only after a playing partner has hit. Speed of play is one of the huge negatives in golf today.

  4. Zach Kaplan says:

    Very good points. The key is to start the process early, and have decided before it’s your turn. This is especially true putting; if you’re still unsure of line, etc, you don’t have a prayer of making it. Speeding up on a bad hole can relate to decreasing concentration and desire to ‘get this damn thing over with’. In my case it’s often tied to dehydration and associated electrolyte shifts (Gatorade definitely helps).

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