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How To Get Correct Feel For Chipping Movement

The ONE Major Difference Between Amateur and Professional Golfers…

First of all, it’s not distance. Yes, some pros consistently drive the ball 300+ yards, but that’s not the norm…and it never has been.

In fact…it’s not tee shots at all. In a given round there are only 18 shots from the tee and the average pro only hits 13 greens in regulation.

The real difference between the weekend golfers and the pros is the ability to score from 100 yards and in.
EVERY single elite level golfer can score. They can get up and down in 2 strokes time after time.

They can pitch and chip consistently and they use their putter to score instead of just hoping not to 3 putt their way around the course.

The truth is, you’re probably never going to hit drives off the tee or stick 180 yard approaches inside 20 feet but

…even senior golfers CAN become almost as good as a pro around the greens.

Why not go with that as your strength? It’s very do-able for you.

Alex has got a new program out called: Be Deadly From 100 Yards

To my struggling golfer friends,

I’ve made some big promises here in my new program.
And I can make these promises based on the results that golfers have achieved with what I’m giving you in the Be Deadly From 100 Yards And In program.

You MUST lower your handicap by 6 strokes in 365 days with the help of your Be Deadly From 100 Yards And In program. If you don’t, email me and you’ll receive an immediate and courteous refund.

I ONLY want you to keep the Be Deadly From 100 Yards And In program if it’s helping you achieve lower scores and better golf. If the program is not, send them back for a full refund.

Alex Fortey

Shortcut Secret To Consistent Bunker Play

From Alex Fortey:

Why You’re Struggling to Improve and What You Can Do About It!
Every year, about 250 new golf books are published, many of them about instruction. And you’ll see hundreds of pages of instructional articles in the golf magazines. And you see hours of instruction on The Golf Channel.

In my opinion, this instruction overwhelm is too much. (cont’d below video)

Alex has got a new program out called: Be Deadly From 100 Yards

…it’s overcomplicated and it causes you to spend more time thinking about things that really don’t matter instead of letting your natural skills and talents take over and start enjoying performing at a much higher level.

And, in truth, the elite golfers know this. But no one can make money from the next book or monthly issue of a golf magazine if they don’t keep sharing the supposed secrets you’ve been missing.

If you want to shave strokes off your scores fast, you need to be able to perform from 100 yards and in. That’s where the majority of golf happens, but ironically only the best golfers are the ones mastering that skill at the range…while the average and below average golfers wail away on their driver swing after swing.

Knowing the power of performing well from 100 yards and in, I set out to develop a program that would allow you to start shaving strokes off your scores while only spending a few minutes a week sharpening your short game.

I call it scoring simplified. You’re not going to have to practice for hours on end to see results. Just a few short minutes once or twice a week and you’ll see your scores immediately start to drop.

Join me,

Be Deadly From 100 Yards

Alex Fortey

Chipping Tip For Just Off The Green

In this video, I’m going to give you one of my secret weapons for short chips just off the green. Yes, I know all about the “proper” way to hit these shots and what I’m showing here is unconventional…BUT IT WORKS! And that’s all I care about. Sometimes you have to just get enough guts to go against the grain to make a breakthrough.

I feel extremely confident with this shot when my ball is within 15 feet of the green and not in deep rough. You’ve got nothing to lose, give this a try…I’m betting it will become your friend around the green.


I’m Craig Sigl author of the book: “Break 80! 52 ways to lower your golf score without practice” Here’s the shortcut secret to getting up and down with your chips WAY more often. You might have seen shots like this on TV watching your favorite pro and subconsciously think this is how you should look around the greens. If I do what the pros do I’ll get the same results as a pro, right? WRONG! Average golfers play a completely different game than touring pros. Understand that and you will go a long way to freeing yourself up for lower scores.

Here’s the shortcut secret…

take your wedge or whatever club you’re using to chip. Choke down on it, and anchor the extra grip against your weakside forearm like this. You get closer to the ball, you shorten up your motions, you eliminate 80% of the possibility of chunking or sculling. With less moving parts in your chipping, you actually gain TOUCH and feel.

To go along with this…
If you are not a scratch golfer, around the greens, you should always be trying to keep the ball as low as possible even if you don’t use my secret method. It’s 300% easier to punch a ball toward the hole than it is to pop it up and get it to stop. You eliminate so many chunks and sculls and actually have a better touch because you use less force when you run it to the flag whenever you can.

I see so many golfers opting to flop their sand wedge shot when they don’t have to…they’re just taking unnecessary risks because they’ve been brainwashed by the pros on TV. You’re not a pro! They practice those shots thousands of times and they do it because they HAVE to. Pro Tournament greens have very thick rough off the green and they have to pop the ball up.

I, on the other hand, in getting down to a 5 handicap golfer, learned that my 7 and 8 iron are my best friends in getting up and down and saving par. And don’t be afraid to use the Texas wedge from way off the green if you can. Pros do it all of the time at the British Open.

How To Have More Great Saves

How many times have you gotten angry when finding your ball in a bad lie or in the trees?

Does the anger help you to get out of that rough spot? For most people, it doesn’t. You’ve got remain calm, cool, and confident that your next shot is going to be so brilliant that it makes up for the mistake.

So the solution seems to be to stop being angry about hitting bad shots, right?

Easier said than done you’re probably responding….and I get that.

In the distant past, I threw a few clubs…yep, its true and I’m ashamed to admit it but, it’s a fact. And, I carried my anger with me for a few holes past the one I choked on.

Well, what if you truly didn’t get upset over a bad lie in the bushes? Wouldn’t that increase your odds of being able to get it out of there with a beautiful next shot?

Watch this short video to find out how:



Look at this video behind me here. This is my playing partner and he just hit his shot into the brush missing the green by 30 yards on an approach shot. We actually had a bet riding on this round and of course, like you would expect, he was quite angry with himself for hitting such a bad shot. I decided to videotape it and now just watch the shot he makes.

He ends up putting it 10 ft from the hole, he putts it in and makes par. This ends up being one of the greatest shots of his golf career so far. We still talk about it today.

Think about this for a minute… What if he would have put the ball on the green with his approach and made a 10 foot shot for birdie? Would he remember it today? No, he’s had plenty of birdies in his life and this wouldn’t have been memorable at all. It would have basically disappeared in his mind.

As it was, this became one of his most favorite shots and it burned a sense of “I can make anything” into a part of his brain that he can use for future tough shots.

But even better than that….What if we were to look at all of our difficult shots as opportunities to get this kind of benefit? What if you were to take it a step further and when you do end up in the trees or in a bad spot, you actually look forward to the challenge of creating one of these moments? THIS is the true joy of golf, creating these moments and should be your reason for playing the game!

Well if you did look at tough lies that way, What would happen is that you would dramatically reduce the number one cause of bad shots…tension caused by fear of missing! And you would actually end up making less mistakes as a result.

Don’t you already have a few great saves like this stored in your memory banks that can do this for you? Play your next round dedicating yourself to this attitude and see how being fearless translates into a smoother swing and more greens and fairways.

Distance Control For Long Putts & Chips

Why is it that every golfer knows the old saying “Drive for show and putt for dough” and yet the vast majority of golfers spend their precious time and money trying to fix their swing and gain more distance?

Swing fixes and more distance are such extremely inefficient ways to lower your score.

Really! I want to know the answer to this question. I want to hear your opinion below and let’s talk.

Since Golf Shortcut Secrets is all about efficient ways to score lower, and putting for dough and working on your short game seems to make perfect sense and nobody doubts it…then let’s get to it and let me give you one of my most powerful lessons on how to get more of your long distance putts and chips to within 2 feet of the cup.

I must caution you that this little tip will seem too simple and you will be tempted to overlook it. Don’t be one of those. Don’t trust the confusion masters of the golf industry out there. Trust yourself.

After watching this video, ask yourself “Does this make perfect sense to me?”

And if it does…then use it and make it part of your permanent game.

If it doesn’t, well then, ask me questions, challenge me… bring it.

Go here to watch it:


I’m Craig Sigl author of the book: “Break 80! 52 ways to lower your golf score without practice”

Do you have trouble with distance control on your long putts, chipping and pitching? Here’s the shortcut secret to dramatically increasing the amount of shots that get close enough for a one-putt.

Always take some practice swings and do them while looking at the hole. And, do those practice swings with the exact same motion you are going to use on your real swing. In other words, a dress rehearsal of the real swing while looking at the hole. You see, what this does is send the correct signal through your eyes down to your shoulders, arms and hands as to the final outcome that you want your body to accomplish.

How many times have you made a horrible shot or putt and then just to prove you could do it, hit another ball and the second ball is perfect? Right! It’s because on the second shot, you have the feedback of the first shot to go off of.

You can simulate that feedback by looking at the hole while you practice swing. This is so simple and so powerful and yet I see golfers do this instead. They do these weird practice swings that will be nothing like their real swing. Or, they take their practice swing 5 yards behind the ball. Why would you do that when you’re going to hit the ball from 5 yards closer? It amazes me how golfers do things just because they’ve seen others do it even though it makes no sense and defies logic.

Watch one of the greatest free-throw shooters of all time, Steve Nash how he preps for a free throw…and apply it to your golf