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How To Get Correct Feel For Chipping Movement

The ONE Major Difference Between Amateur and Professional Golfers…

First of all, it’s not distance. Yes, some pros consistently drive the ball 300+ yards, but that’s not the norm…and it never has been.

In fact…it’s not tee shots at all. In a given round there are only 18 shots from the tee and the average pro only hits 13 greens in regulation.

The real difference between the weekend golfers and the pros is the ability to score from 100 yards and in.
EVERY single elite level golfer can score. They can get up and down in 2 strokes time after time.

They can pitch and chip consistently and they use their putter to score instead of just hoping not to 3 putt their way around the course.

The truth is, you’re probably never going to hit drives off the tee or stick 180 yard approaches inside 20 feet but

…even senior golfers CAN become almost as good as a pro around the greens.

Why not go with that as your strength? It’s very do-able for you.

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To my struggling golfer friends,

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Alex Fortey

4 Responses

  1. Dr phil Wander says:

    Does the be deadly from 100 yds programme include putting tips ?

  2. Alex says:


    It does not include them directly but we have an exclusive offer if you purchase Deadly from 100 to get Some of the best Putting Drills and Tips from the Tour with our very own Tour coach for just $10!


  3. Mbwa Kali Sana says:

    Excellent l’esson this ” figure OF eight “.I would add That it’s easier to chip with the hands below the grip ,”on the steel”,as DID great SEVE BALLESTEROS ,AND ALSO TO HAVE most OF the Weight on the lead leg

  4. Alex says:

    Well Seve certainly knew his stuff!!

    Keeping the sternum ahead of the ball is assisted but having a little more weight of front side will help for sure.


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