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Distance Control For Long Putts & Chips

Why is it that every golfer knows the old saying “Drive for show and putt for dough” and yet the vast majority of golfers spend their precious time and money trying to fix their swing and gain more distance?

Swing fixes and more distance are such extremely inefficient ways to lower your score.

Really! I want to know the answer to this question. I want to hear your opinion below and let’s talk.

Since Golf Shortcut Secrets is all about efficient ways to score lower, and putting for dough and working on your short game seems to make perfect sense and nobody doubts it…then let’s get to it and let me give you one of my most powerful lessons on how to get more of your long distance putts and chips to within 2 feet of the cup.

I must caution you that this little tip will seem too simple and you will be tempted to overlook it. Don’t be one of those. Don’t trust the confusion masters of the golf industry out there. Trust yourself.

After watching this video, ask yourself “Does this make perfect sense to me?”

And if it does…then use it and make it part of your permanent game.

If it doesn’t, well then, ask me questions, challenge me… bring it.

Go here to watch it:


I’m Craig Sigl author of the book: “Break 80! 52 ways to lower your golf score without practice”

Do you have trouble with distance control on your long putts, chipping and pitching? Here’s the shortcut secret to dramatically increasing the amount of shots that get close enough for a one-putt.

Always take some practice swings and do them while looking at the hole. And, do those practice swings with the exact same motion you are going to use on your real swing. In other words, a dress rehearsal of the real swing while looking at the hole. You see, what this does is send the correct signal through your eyes down to your shoulders, arms and hands as to the final outcome that you want your body to accomplish.

How many times have you made a horrible shot or putt and then just to prove you could do it, hit another ball and the second ball is perfect? Right! It’s because on the second shot, you have the feedback of the first shot to go off of.

You can simulate that feedback by looking at the hole while you practice swing. This is so simple and so powerful and yet I see golfers do this instead. They do these weird practice swings that will be nothing like their real swing. Or, they take their practice swing 5 yards behind the ball. Why would you do that when you’re going to hit the ball from 5 yards closer? It amazes me how golfers do things just because they’ve seen others do it even though it makes no sense and defies logic.

Watch one of the greatest free-throw shooters of all time, Steve Nash how he preps for a free throw…and apply it to your golf

24 Responses

  1. NameJon Barrett says:

    This one’s interesting… I seem to recall seeing results of testing that showed that you get better results if you put looking at the hole, but I’ve never seen anyone do it! Practising looking at the hole sounds like a better idea. Like it, will do it!

  2. NameWarren says:

    This one is worth making a habit.

  3. Namedavid staniforth says:

    Just watched the video with practise putts and chips. Makes sense, never done it yet, but will be in future.

  4. Bill says:

    I heard that Raymond Floyd while on the practice green would line His putts, than make his stroke while looking at the hole.

  5. Don says:

    Hi Craig, I have done this trying to get a feel for the distance on putts but I have never taught it. Great info


  6. NameNICK says:

    What a coincidence…I have a good friend that´s a reasonably good golfer, but an exceptionally good putter and chipper. He uses this technique before every pitch, chip and putt. I´ll definitely be using it from now on. Thanks!

    • Craig Sigl says:

      You’re welcome Nick. You know, there’s really nothing new in the golf world. Somebody has thought of everything before us. I just notice things that help free us from the old “swing fix” mentality and am also an efficiency fanatic. Thus, this video blog. Thanks for commenting.

      greens and fairways,


  7. NameFrank McCormish says:

    I use the PPGS technique &am sure tour tapes would complement it. Anxious to try sounds like a great bargain. Let’s go for it, I had a stroke 15mos. Ago & need all the help I can get–still enjoy the game & tee it forward as my old frat. Bro says

  8. michael says:

    I used this method years ago really worked well. I was laid up a few years and now back into golf again. I’m going to put this back in my pre-game warm up. thanks Craig this one for you.

  9. Jeff says:

    I use this technique for most shots inside 60 yards and it works for me. I do, however, focus on the back of the ball for the actual swing/putt.

  10. NameNameNameCharlie says:

    Last week (on Tuesday) I used that method and had a great round. Went out on Thursday and forgot everything I did on Tuesday and had a terrible round because I forgot to take the correct practice swings.

    Thanks for the reminder. Now if only my feeble mind will remember it this coming Tuesday.

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Haha. You got it Charlie! That comes from having a solid pre-shot routine where you don’t have to remember it, it’s just part of every shot. Work on that!
      Greens and fairways,


  11. John Cunningham says:

    Hi Craig

    My feelings exactly, 60 yards in is the key to success, any low handicap players I know can get up and down from here a large % of the time and often do not hit the ball as far off the tee.

    Knowing you can swing and hit 50 or 60 or 40 ards etc consistently is crucial.

    Focusing on the ‘feel’ of each of those shots is what I am trying to achieve



    • Craig Sigl says:

      Way to go John, you’ve got it. This is especially true for older golfers. Think about this…how much time, energy, work and practice do you have to do to try to get another 20 yards on your drive? And, really, what would be the benefit in terms of score? Not really that much.

      How about fine tuning your swing and being able to hit more greens on long approaches? A ton of work and some people spend their whole life tweaking their swing. But think about being able to put most of your short pitches to within 6 feet of the hole (very do-able for average golfers). Not near as much work and instant score lowering benefits. If you look at the statistics for making putts, the odds drop of making a putt drop off dramatically after 6 feet. So that’s where we need to get our approach shots to really make a difference. It’s just playing the numbers and the odds here and being efficient in how you work on your game.

      Thanks for commenting!

      Greens and Fairways,


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