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How To Make Solid Contact On Golf Shots

It’s so frustrating when you top or chunk a shot. It happens to everyone, even the pros at times.

Now, you can spend your life trying to fix every little piece of your swing in order to find that perfect, consistent movement OR, you can focus on ONE simple directive to your unconscious mind that will tell it to hit the ball on the sweet spot of the club face.

In this video, I give you that directive.  Do this and watch how much more often you hit solid contact on your golf shots.



Golfers get themselves so tied up in swing mechanics whenever they have a bad shot from poor contact. They look for swing problems that just aren’t there and all that happens is they end up creating even more problems looking for the cure.

One of the most effective ways to ensure solid contact on your full swings is simply this: Watch the clubface make contact with the back of the ball.

You know, sometimes I have to pinch myself after I go back to my own tips like this one because they just seem too simple…that’s the biggest problem in golf…we always seem to want to overcomplicate things but we don’t need to!

This simple tip, if focused on, will eliminate most of your poor contact shots and you’ll want to make it a permanent habit. Need a little proof that this works? Look at these pros and notice how far their swing has gone past hitting the ball and they are still looking down at the spot where they hit it. DO NOT twist this into “Keep your head down.” This is different.
Just let the momentum of your swing naturally pull your head up out of it’s contact position.

You don’t have to try, just think “watch the club hit the ball” during your practice swing and then swing away…

Emblazon this on your brain cells and focus on it now and during your range warmup and just watch your ball go farther and straighter. It’s such a simple game if you want it to be.

20 Responses

  1. Fred Olson says:

    Audio and video out of sync. Both copies. Fred

  2. NameNameNameWarren says:

    Your advice doesn’t work for me. I find if I focus on the ball I quit on the swing a few milliseconds too early (Hit reflex). However, here is a variation on your theme that may work for others like me out there.

    I focus on brushing the grass for a 3 to 4 inches in front of the ball. This works best for me if I can ignore the ball. Not easy but worth working on.

    Here’s my logic. Who cannot swing the club over and over again down the same path and at the same level through the bottom of the swing on their front lawn? Who cannot clip the heads off dandelions (weeds) again and again without digging a hole in their lawn? Who doesn’t have a smooth practice swing time and time again until you put a ball in front of them? Why would you not want to follow through a couple of inches down the target line every time, ball there or not?

    I have been doing this for some time and have progressed with it so that I can visualize the target line in front of the ball but swing ever so slightly in to out. Also, I use this imaginary line to connect to my far away target. That way I do not lose sight of the fact I need to move the ball , which gets in the way of the swing, towards my end target. My screw-ups tend to be when I don’t swing down that line through fear, tension, focus, etc.

    These latter issues are the reason I have been following you with great interest. I haven’t brought your “AND World” to the golf course yet but it will happen. I will be a happy man if I can report back that it also works for me.

    If your followers want to try my approach for themselves, I would suggest they start with the putter. Forget that the ball is there and move the putter down that imaginary 3-4 inch line in front of the ball. Don’t forget to connect the line to the quadrant of the hole you want the ball to drop into. This helps to imagine the amount of break, speed and so on.

    Happy 50th Craig.

  3. sync, says:

    Audio and video are out out of sync.

  4. Dan Flugel says:

    Hi Craig Sigl,
    Watched your video on ball contact…keeping your eye on the ball.
    no problem,the video played perfectly and I enjoyed it.Looking forward to more of you tips.Dan Flugel

  5. Bubbie says:

    My problem is if I drive to far away from tee it will slice & when I it closer to tee it drive straight line but ball will not go far ? And still don’t know which is right play short or far from tee ? @ I watch pro. play far to tee ?

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Hi Bubbie, I hear the conflict there and I get it. I used to be a consistent slicer. You’ve got 2 options. 1. Fix the slice with an instructor or maybe this will help:
      2. Start dedicating each round to either hitting longer with slice or shorter and track your scores in order to help you make the decision as to which choice is the lesser of two evils.
      greens and fairways,


  6. Lopi Faleafa says:

    Hi Craig,
    Simple and effective instruction. From now on I will put it into practice. Thanks so much.

  7. bobby b says:

    Before my hip op in 1996 i had got down to single figure HCP, today I feel good if I play bogey golf. Your tip is so basic but true. I will update you on my progress Bob

  8. Connie says:

    Talk about a duh!! moment. I was getting ready to play in a tournament today and watched your video about watching the club hit the ball. I focused on it just like you said and played much much better today. My game has been frustrating lately to say the least and I hit the ball better today than in a long time!! Fundamentals!! I did not want to have to get into a bunch of swing mechanics either so THANK YOU!!!! By the way – I won long drive and third in my division today!! Connie

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Way to go Connie! I find it so interesting how many golfers I work with IMPROVE by simplifying things. You’ve got it! Keep it going.

      greens and fairways,


  9. Carl says:

    I don’t think it really matters because if you can’t swing on plane, or over-the -top, looking at the back of the ball doesn’t help. My tendency is to hit hard from the top and can’t seem to shake it. Its become so ingrained that bowling might be my best bet as I top the ball 70% of the time and have just about decided to ditch the game altogether. At he end of a round i’m absolutely worn out and that takes the fun out of the game. Hope other people figure it out because it’s not as easy s you think.

  10. SL Mitchel says:

    Sorry buddy, but this tip simply does not work for me.
    This is not to say you don’t have a great program, because you do.
    I can only say I’m unable to tell you where the clubface makes contact with the ball.
    I do know by feel, after the fact, where the clubface made contact.
    For me, and I think for most golfers, ball position, BALANCE, and swing tempo will
    create perfect contact every time.

    All the best,


    • Craig Sigl says:

      Hey Steve, Totally understand your point. I often say and will say again, not every tip, tactic, technique is going to work for everyone, including my stuff. Every golfer is different. I preach that golfers want to be empowered to choose what works for them just like you do! Thanks for comment,
      Greens and Fairways,


  11. Penelope Smith says:

    I want to get better at golf this fall. It is good to know that I need to make sure that I watch the club hit the ball. I tend to look up before I have even hit the ball. It might be smart for me to get an expert to work with me when it comes to getting better at golf.

  12. Mel says:


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