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How To Have More Great Saves

How many times have you gotten angry when finding your ball in a bad lie or in the trees?

Does the anger help you to get out of that rough spot? For most people, it doesn’t. You’ve got remain calm, cool, and confident that your next shot is going to be so brilliant that it makes up for the mistake.

So the solution seems to be to stop being angry about hitting bad shots, right?

Easier said than done you’re probably responding….and I get that.

In the distant past, I threw a few clubs…yep, its true and I’m ashamed to admit it but, it’s a fact. And, I carried my anger with me for a few holes past the one I choked on.

Well, what if you truly didn’t get upset over a bad lie in the bushes? Wouldn’t that increase your odds of being able to get it out of there with a beautiful next shot?

Watch this short video to find out how:



Look at this video behind me here. This is my playing partner and he just hit his shot into the brush missing the green by 30 yards on an approach shot. We actually had a bet riding on this round and of course, like you would expect, he was quite angry with himself for hitting such a bad shot. I decided to videotape it and now just watch the shot he makes.

He ends up putting it 10 ft from the hole, he putts it in and makes par. This ends up being one of the greatest shots of his golf career so far. We still talk about it today.

Think about this for a minute… What if he would have put the ball on the green with his approach and made a 10 foot shot for birdie? Would he remember it today? No, he’s had plenty of birdies in his life and this wouldn’t have been memorable at all. It would have basically disappeared in his mind.

As it was, this became one of his most favorite shots and it burned a sense of “I can make anything” into a part of his brain that he can use for future tough shots.

But even better than that….What if we were to look at all of our difficult shots as opportunities to get this kind of benefit? What if you were to take it a step further and when you do end up in the trees or in a bad spot, you actually look forward to the challenge of creating one of these moments? THIS is the true joy of golf, creating these moments and should be your reason for playing the game!

Well if you did look at tough lies that way, What would happen is that you would dramatically reduce the number one cause of bad shots…tension caused by fear of missing! And you would actually end up making less mistakes as a result.

Don’t you already have a few great saves like this stored in your memory banks that can do this for you? Play your next round dedicating yourself to this attitude and see how being fearless translates into a smoother swing and more greens and fairways.

6 Responses

  1. Jerry T says:

    Hadn’t touched a club for a year (for various reasons) and went to play yesterday without practicing. Played in a scramble, we were 13 under, and I accounted for 14 of our foursomes shots. Drives, short irons, and putts; I was amazed!

    Break 80 without practice really works!

  2. michael says:

    Hi Craig; thanks for the great feeling of going to the course, take that first drive and feel real good about making a great shot. This gave me a great sense of relief the rest of the round. Shot 3 over par. I was overly excited. Really. thanks michael

  3. George says:

    Hey Craig..How do you remain ‘cool’, and keep a positive’ attitude when ‘nothing’ you do goes ‘right’??
    I’m talking chips,pitches,drives,approach shots,PUTTING” etc The whole ball of wax goes SOUTH!!??
    Bad for the mental side–NOTHING working!!
    Just chalk it up and try to learn from a bad experience–Hard not to ‘carry over’ on the next round-HELP!! George

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