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Shortcut Secret To Consistent Bunker Play

From Alex Fortey:

Why You’re Struggling to Improve and What You Can Do About It!
Every year, about 250 new golf books are published, many of them about instruction. And you’ll see hundreds of pages of instructional articles in the golf magazines. And you see hours of instruction on The Golf Channel.

In my opinion, this instruction overwhelm is too much. (cont’d below video)

Alex has got a new program out called: Be Deadly From 100 Yards

…it’s overcomplicated and it causes you to spend more time thinking about things that really don’t matter instead of letting your natural skills and talents take over and start enjoying performing at a much higher level.

And, in truth, the elite golfers know this. But no one can make money from the next book or monthly issue of a golf magazine if they don’t keep sharing the supposed secrets you’ve been missing.

If you want to shave strokes off your scores fast, you need to be able to perform from 100 yards and in. That’s where the majority of golf happens, but ironically only the best golfers are the ones mastering that skill at the range…while the average and below average golfers wail away on their driver swing after swing.

Knowing the power of performing well from 100 yards and in, I set out to develop a program that would allow you to start shaving strokes off your scores while only spending a few minutes a week sharpening your short game.

I call it scoring simplified. You’re not going to have to practice for hours on end to see results. Just a few short minutes once or twice a week and you’ll see your scores immediately start to drop.

Join me,

Be Deadly From 100 Yards

Alex Fortey

2 Responses

  1. Kenneth says:

    Hi Alex,
    I have a question regarding your program “Be Deadly From 100 Yards”.
    Does the program come with downloadable videos and PDF-files or do I have to
    connect everytime to internet? Sometimes I have problems with the Connections while
    I am out traveling a lot. Then it is easier to hve the program in my computer.
    Regards from Sweden,

  2. Alex says:

    Hi Kenneth,

    You are able to get access to download the videos as well. We made it easy so the membership area is user friendly and fast streaming. But each video is available if needed for download. If you have difficulty with this, simply let us know and we will assist.


    Alex Fortey

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