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Steve Wozeniak – Fix Your Swing At Home

Steve Wozeniak is one of 8 instructors in the Great Golf Without Practice Bootcamp where you can find 100 tips, tactics and techniques to work on your game anywhere, without practice.  Just $19.

Steve is a PGA Director of Instruction in Bellevue, Washington and has 25 years experience teaching 75 Tour players and more than 300 PGA and LPGA golf professionals.  He has direct lineage to the teachings of Sam Byrd, Ben Hogan’s coach for over 20 years.  While at the prestigious Ocean Reef Club in Florida, Steve has taught some of the game’s very best including Scott Piercy, Rocco Mediate, Jim Colbert, Jim Dent, Marco Dawson, Emily Klein, Leonard Thompson, Jim Mclean and Jimmy Ballard.  With his easy to understand, “rid yourself of the nonsense” approach to the golf swing, he is one of the top instructors in the country.

Steve is the only instructor in the Pacific Northwest that has taught winners on all four major tours, the PGA, LPGA, Champions and For more on Steve and to take lessons from him in person,  contact him 425-533-4711

10 Responses

  1. Greg Jones says:

    Mr. Wozeniak;
    I am not sure if you can help me with my golf swing? I have been playing for 40 plus years and I am sure that some problematic swing thought have been ingrained in my golf swing. I am not handicapped, but I do have a problem in that my left leg is shorter than my right about one and a quarter inch. and is turned out 3/4″ to the left due to a previous accident. Anyway, I have tried and tried to draw the golf ball without any success. I tried rolling my forearms, turning my left hand down. Can you help?

    • Steve Wozeniak says:

      Hi Greg,
      A great way to hit a draw, use a short tee and with a 7 iron split your hands apart an inch and hit some punch shots. Feel like your using your right side more than the left…..presto, some nice draws, talk to you later, Steve.

  2. Ron Fisher says:

    Mr. Steve Wozeniak
    I’m really having a problem getting my hips turning to the right onto getting forward with the weight onto my left foot. What can I do to improve my swing? I’m losing about 75-100 yards on my shots. I sure could use some assistance, Steve!

    Ron Fisher

  3. Steve Wozeniak says:

    Hi Ron,
    Everyone that has trouble getting the hips through have a block in the swing or they are thinking of the wrong things in the change of direction. Check out the “money position” in the video with your swing, is your left arm laying in front of you and hinging at the elbow? And as you change direction you want the whole right side and club firing together, don’t try to hold any kind of angle or tuck the right arm in, refer to my website for more information on this!!! Talk to you later, Steve.

  4. Charles says:

    How do I get rid of the yips to release the driver when addressing the ball on the tee box???

    • Steve Wozeniak says:

      Hi Charles,
      I bet most of the problem is in your change of direction, first practice, if you can, tossing a medicine ball against a wall about 8 feet away, you will feel the whole body releasing to the target not just the hands and arms. Also notice how you are holding NOTHING back or trying to tuck your right arm in or hold an angle, or swinging left. Those things are devastating thoughts to any golfer, just look at Tiger, it’s ruined him…….Good luck, talk to you later, Steve.

  5. Keith venables says:

    I. Live in the uk how do I purchase this book

  6. Ayersjj says:

    If u can get HERE its “money” u said. Please explain
    .thanks jeff

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