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Learn From The Pros Playing Styles To Maximize Your Game

By Wade Pearse


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Take a look at a few players at the PGA Championship this weekend. There are various playing styles. Yet something interesting is happening on tour due to the equipment.

Swings have changed over the years but never as much as the modern swing has due to the new drivers. They swing as hard as possible to hit it as far as possible since the drivers and ball combinations have allowed this. So what does this mean to playing styles? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Well, for one there are less true Magicians left in the game. Players have naturally evolved into would-be conquerors. Yet many players don’t suit that at all but still mindless try to become one. Because the game promotes that style of play nowadays. Don’t get caught in that trap! Be who YOU are and play to your strength. You will always, always, always score better when you know your playing style and manage your round based on this.

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By the way, diff I say “always” enough?! Ok, now let’s look at Tom Watson. His evolution is more natural and not driven by equipment. He was definitely a magician for the majority of his playing career but now he has become more of a Strategist. Never attempting to overpower the course or over swing for a few measly extra yards. No, his wisdom is in knowing the natural evolution of his playing style. Just think, he almost won the British Open in his late 60’s! We’ll likely never see that happen again. That’s the power of knowing your game.

Rory is now a true Conqueror. Unbelievably string with his driver he just smashes his drives long and straight and overpowers a golf course.

Tiger is stuck in no-man’s land. He must know, even if only at a subconscious level, that his game doesn’t allow for him to play as a Conqueror anymore. Those days are behind him. Yet he’s stuck in being a technician which is really hurting his natural feel and gifts. Watch him and you can almost sense he’s thinking about his swing as opposed to thinking about his target. When he can trust being a true Strategist and connect his gifts to a more strategic approach he will attain a high level of performance once again. A man with that many wins has a reservoir of excellence inside and imagery of wins that no-one else on the planet has. He will find a way to win.

9 Responses

  1. Paul Goehrum says:

    Nice article, but really ??! Tom Watson in his late 60’s ?? Those are hopefully still to come. Tom was in fact barely 60 when he practically won, except for losing the playoff. But you are right, Tom looks quite a bit older than his actual age. A result of having spent his life mostly in the outdoors under a lot of sun, which we know ages all exposed skin.

    Just my opinion. The rest are facts. Look up Tom’s birthday : Sept 1949.


  2. Paul Goehrum says:

    Oh, by the way I myself are but 3 weeks away from 86 🙂


    • ken wolf says:

      The player that is going to win a major over the age of 50 on PGA tour in next five years in Bernard Langer. He is steady as a rock. Not too sure with the long putter changes which could hurt him. Langer has the game to win say the masters. Forget the insane 7400 yard courses. 500 yard par five are a little over the top.

  3. Jeff says:

    Incredible article!

  4. Mbwa Kali Sana says:

    Not much to be learned from Wade”s article :bla ,bla ,bla …
    It’s pure common sense to play to your strengths .
    I’ve always thought that those “mind gurus”are not Worth that much .
    I ‘ve been a top level competitor in several sports ,incuding tennis ,which is a tough game to play at high level ,and I never had a “mind guru “to tell me how I should play .
    So just forget them ,I play as you beleve you should

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Hi Mbwa,
      I’m glad that you have been able to compete at high levels without much mental help. It is true that plenty of athletes never get any mental game help for sports and do quite well. There are many reasons for that and I could write a book on it but it is also true that there are more athletes who need such mental game help, benefit tremendously from it, and give a lot of credit to their success from learning these skills…and they are skills. If this weren’t true, there not be 100 sports psychology programs at accredited Universities across the U.S. and I wouldn’t have built my entire business on helping athletes with their mental game.

      So, although I don’t doubt your experience for a second, it is not good advice to project onto others our own personal conclusions and make generalizations from those experiences. Everyone is different. Some benefit more from learning how to hit the ball longer. Some benefit more from improving short game. And some benefit from learning how to focus and manage their states. Every great golf teacher will tell you that once you learn a decent swing and putting stroke, that golf is 90% mental game.

      Thanks for commenting, I do appreciate contrary opinions as much as agreement.

      Greens and Fairways,


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