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The Secret To Consistently Longer Drives

Golf Shortcut Secrets is all about a completely new way of looking at and playing the game.

It’s about going beyond all of the current brainwashing the golf industry is subjecting you to in order to keep them in business. Make no mistake, that’s all they really care about. They don’t care about golfers scoring lower. It’s a well-known fact that golf scores have not decreased since steel shafts came on the scene 60 years ago.

You are here because you are somewhat of a maverick. You don’t buy into the standard b.s. that is rehashed over and over in magazines. It hasn’t worked that well for you has it?

No, me either. In fact, I followed all of that advice for years and it got me nowhere, except confused.

In today’s video, I’m going to start the process of breaking up your old beliefs about golf, starting with how to get more distance with your long clubs.

This will open you up to actually increasing your overall yardage instead of just pretending…really!

Go watch this 2 minute video to do just that:



Did you know that the average driving distance for the PGA tour is 287 yards? The average carry is 267. There are more pros that hit less than 287 than hit farther.

Golfers are obsessed with hitting it longer. It’s like some kind of macho thing and I get that. I have to reign myself in quite often to just keep the ball in play.

There are loads of trainings and tutorials out there on how to increase your swing speed to hit the ball farther. I’ve never looked at any one of them and I can hit my drives consistently around 260 or 270. I’m 5’ 5” tall and here’s my swing…nothing special at all and I have been told by instructors that my swing leaks power everywhere. But I’m not interested at all in changing my swing or doing any exercises to get more distance.

What’s my secret to hitting 270 yard drives? Well, did you hear that one word I mentioned when referring to my drives… it’s the word “consistently”

See, here’s the shortcut secret. If you want to hit the ball CONSISTENTLY longer, than what you want to focus on is hitting the ball on the sweet spot more often. Yes, you can increase your distance by building muscles but you will increase your AVERAGE driving distance much faster and more efficiently by putting your energy into DEAD SOLID PERFECT CONTACT.

George Bayer who is well-known as one of the longest hitters ever to play on the tour once said: “If you want to hit the ball longer, hit it better.”

Now, if your entire purpose for increasing your distance is to show off an occasional drive that is longer than you’ve ever hit before, then by all means, do the exercises and increase your swing speed but DONT think that by doing that that your overall distance game will improve. It will not! In fact, for the time and energy you spend working on that, you could be putting it into much more efficient SCORE-LOWERING practices and drills. Stay tuned for those, I’m Craig Sigl

6 Responses

  1. NameLopi Faleafa says:

    Thanks for the advice. I get it now ” If you want to hit the ball CONSISTENTLY longer, than what you want to focus on is hitting the ball on the sweet spot more often”

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Exactly Lopi! Too many golfers think they need to swing faster…and that can help for any given driver for sure…but one drive does not a career make. One drive doesn’t do squat for your whole round. The object of driving is to hit it longer, on average, for all of your drives and this is a more efficient means of accomplishing that.
      greens and fairways,


  2. Anthony says:

    Impact tape? Spraying the clubface with cooking oil or using baby powder? I’ve heard that using these and swinging within one’s self might be indicators of hitting the sweet spot more often. Right or Rubbish?

    Thanks, Craig

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Hi Anthony,
      Makes sense to me, although I believe in other methods to get consistent contact. Tap into the unconscious mind, the center of consistency, and let it do the swinging!
      greens and fairways,


  3. roland says:

    I am 66 years old and I need to improve my distance with all my clubs. I hear a lot about distance is not what it’s all about, but that’s usually from people who hit a driver at least 260 yds. If I hit it even 225 yards Id be happy. When you only hit a driver 200 yds, you would want more distance too. It’s like the longer hitters playing with nothing more than a 4 iron in their bag. Try that and see if distance isnot important for decent golf scores!

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Hi Roland,

      Thanks for the comment and really do appreciate where you’re coming from. In response to your suggestion that I try that, I actually do! Once a year or so, I purposely play a round on a full-sized course (6000 yards or more) with nothing longer than my 5-iron (I don’t even carry a 4 iron)…on purpose! I hit my 5-iron around 180 yds and found that I score within 5 strokes of my normal scores every time. I hit my driver around 250. So, I am firmly grounded in the idea that you just don’t get much score lowering by adding a few yards to your normal distance but you CAN get huge benefits focusing on other areas. I feel that chipping is the biggest bang for the time spent.
      Greens and Fairways,


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