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The Proper Golf Club Grip Pressure For You

I’ve seen dozens of pages attempting to teach golfers the “proper” way to grip a golf club. Instructors are clueless that their instruction in this area only confuses most of their students. My take: grip it how it’s comfortable for you. There’s more than one way to hold a club and swing it and you can be successful with any which way you choose.

How hard to hold the club seems to be a bit of an issue too. I think you’ll like what I tell you in this short video. It’s the shortcut secret to golf club grip pressure.



Are you confused by all the advice on how much grip pressure to use when swinging your clubs? Supposedly, Sam Snead said to grip the club like you would hold a baby bird. And then Ben Hogan said: “what Sam Snead didn’t tell you is that the baby bird is a hawk.”

As with so much golf advice out there, you can find conflicting opinions on this but I’m here to clear it up for you.

Frankly, I’ve never paid any attention to anyone saying to grip the club harder or softer, I just pick up the club and hold it just enough so that it doesn’t fly out of my hand and I TRUST that that is the right pressure and I never give it a thought. If you follow me, you’ll know that I preach that TRUST is the most important thing in a golf swing.

The Shortcut secret to grip pressure that clears up the confusion is to grip the club as tight as you want BUT…do not let the tightness go past the palms and into the wrists.

Imagine that you have a boundary between your palms and your wrists that does not let the tightness or tension go past. Your wrists, forearms, elbows and upper arm should be loose all the way through the swing.

A number of teaching pros say that the bigger error in grip pressure with amateurs is that they have varying grip pressures throughout the swing while the pros have a consistent pressure from start to finish.

Whatever you do with this tip…DO NOT bring it to the course or even give it a thought out there. Think about and work on it in practice or swinging in your yard and get to a place where you can TRUST your swing and you’ll be perfect!

Greens and fairways,

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