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Make All Your Short Putts part 3

If you are already excellent at making short putts, then you might not want to watch this. I don’t want you “thinking” about your short putts with new info that you don’t need.

If you are a firm believer in the “Open door, close door” putting school of thought, then this won’t apply to you either.  I could never make that work for myself.

But, the bottom line to sending a golf ball along a chosen target line is still physics:  make the putterface perpendicular to the line of travel at the moment of impact.  I find it much easier to do that when I have a follow-through that continues that perpendicular position of the putter a short way PAST the point of impact.

Putting track gadgets help you FEEL and repeat the proper motion for muscle memory to recall it later. Unfortunately, unless you do this a zillion times, it’s so easy to LOSE that feel from practicing with the track at home to the course.

On the other hand, you WILL ALWAYS be able to bring your same EYES to the course as your TRACK GUIDE.  Watch the video and then scroll below for more:

The most important thing to remember about all of this, is to CONTINUE TO FOCUS ON THE PUTTER as you strike the ball and during the follow through.  Your target line below the putter (represented by the ruler line in the photos below) will be fuzzy but visible enough to line up the line on your putter with your target line.

3-footPutt-1Notice how the line on my putter is parallel to the target line at impact. I am focused entirely on the line on my putter, not the ball. THIS IS THE ESSENCE OF A STRAIGHT PUTT.  And since we don’t have to worry about distance on short putts, we can put all of our mental energy on just this.

3-footPutt-2I am still focusing on the line on my putter. The ball just gets in the way.  I can see the target line just in front of the line on my putter.

3-footPutt-3I was actually quite surprised when I took this freeze frame of the video and saw how I was still lined up with my target line this far after hitting the ball.  Look how the line on my putter is still parallel to my target line.

Here’s part 1 of hitting short putts:

Here’s part 2 of hitting short putts: (half way through the video)

3 Responses

  1. TommyV says:

    As you well know, it’s so important to get the proper feed back that what you’re doing is right. The old saying that practice doesn’t make perfect…perfect practice makes perfect. The short stroke is so valid on 3 foot putts because it isn’t a power stroke. I like the fact that you tested it many times over to confirm what you were doing is right. Thanks again for your continued helpful advice, mentally and physically.

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Thanks for compliment Tommy. Glad you got the message that I did test this a lot. I kept experimenting with many things until I landed on what works for me here. I tried many times with different stances, grip, etc. I would take about 10-15 strokes with a new trial, changing one variable at a time… and it became obvious what was working and what wasn’t. I started putting all the pieces together and then got to the bottom line, what I call the Essence of hitting a putt straight. Hope it helps some golfers….
      greens and fairways,


  2. jim from mesa az says:

    for 4 days on the putting green after hitting range balls the 2 inch drill is amazing, no more worrying about straight back or bringing the putter inside. now i’ll concentrate on the line on the putter head and then go putt my forty three footers i’m looking forward to receiving your book “52 ways without practice”

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