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How To Make All Your 3-Foot Putts

So I’m working hard on my game this year…using all of my own tricks and strategies. I decided a short while back to begin right next to the hole and eliminate misses on my short putts.

I did a little research, and went back to my memory banks and started experimenting and came upon this fantastic tip for making all of your 3-foot or shorter putts. It’s so simple I can’t believe I overlooked it the last few years.

Before figuring this out, I couldn’t make more than 16 3-foot putts in a row.

The moment I figured this out and replicated it, I made 40 3-foot putts in a row.

Watch the 3-minute video to see what I mean



Title: How to make all of your 3 foot putts

Hi Craig Sigl here with today’s shortcut secret. I am SOO excited to have discovered this one because I have been working on how to crack the code for making all of my 3 foot putts as the foundation of confidence for my short game.

So, I’m at the practice green after a round trying to figure out why I missed two 3-footers that day and I’m experimenting with different setups and strokes and then my mind went back to a drill a golf pro gave me 20 years ago in my only set of lessons.

The drill is to start a putt with your putter touching the ball and just push it to the hole. No backswing at all. Something in my body and shoulder movements clicked for me when I did that. It felt really different than what I had been doing.

Another voice in my head came to me and this one was a video of a pro teaching how amateurs biggest short game problems could be solved by accelerating at the ball and through the follow through.

I put 2 and 2 together and came up with this:

The big secret for making all of your short putts is to take the club back as little as possible on the backswing.

As soon as that light bulb went on, I went back to my 3 foot half circle drill where I see how many in a row I can hit, and I hit 40 3 foot putts right then! I’d never made more than 15 before that.

This seemed TOO easy, I was floored, astonished! How could I have missed such a simple fix for my short putts.

So, I introduced other variables in my putting stroke to try to “disprove” my new theory.

I jabbed at the ball…and it went in.
I rested the club on the green after a putt..and it kept going in
I changed my stance and got my eyes off the line of travel…and it still went in!

All I had to do was to make sure that the putterhead was squared up to the line to the hole and only bring back the club a couple inches…and it worked no matter what else I did!

I’m so excited by this…my days of missing 3 foot putts are over and so can yours.

See you on the next tip…

By the way…your swing is good enough to go low

22 Responses

  1. John McNamara says:


    I have read golf magazines, books, viewed golf videos and DVDs and taken dozens of lessons over many years. None of those was really of any use to me. I have been watching your tips for about two weeks now and I am pleased to report that I am playing my best golf ever… hcp is (for now) 17 but in my last three rounds (all on championship courses here in Ireland) I have shot 85, 85, and yesterday 86! I can’t wait to get out there tomorrow morning to see how low I can go using your information. Thanks, very much and keep it coming!

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Hi John, Thanks so much for commenting! I am SO HAPPY for you!! You made my week! More tips coming your way.
      Are you on Facebook or Twitter? Would really help me if you copy and pasted your comments there with my name in the post.
      You can do it at

      greens and fairways,

  2. Joe Landi says:

    Craig, A good teacher uses the fewest amount of words.
    YOU are a good teacher. You do not ramble on and
    everything you say is important and easy to follow.
    I started learning at 58. Less than an ideal age.
    I will never be a long hitter but my short game keeps
    me close to my friends. All of your tips are
    valuable and I thank you!


  3. Gaudencio says:

    l like your tips on short puts and l would practice that because thats my shortcomings. Thanks.

  4. Bob Williams says:

    I cannot open the video on 3ft putts?

  5. gerry says:

    I cannot get this to play without many stoppages

  6. NameNamedavid staniforth says:

    Brilliant idea, and I would think that it could probably be extended to 6 foot putts on fast greens.
    Thanks for the tip.

  7. Tommy V says:

    I also can’t overcome the many stoppages? I’m using a MacBook pro with the latest safari updates and an ATT DSL. I wonder if it has to do with the type of Adobe I’m using? Anyway, I got thru it and I had to laugh. You are absolutely right. I too came to this conclusion earlier this year and started making everything I looked at. I thought it was an inner force of letting my subconscious mind make the putts (I’m sure that helps to not think about the stroke) but THE biggest difference was the short stroke. It is without a doubt the reason the stroke stays on line. Thanks for confirming what I was doing was right. Love your insights. Thanks

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Hi Tommy,

      Yes, sometimes validation is just as important as the discovery. I’m still working on the video issue. I made some changes, please refresh the screen and try again and let me know how it goes. I had the video on a default to “HD” setting which means you need high speed internet to watch. I changed default to regular. You can click the “HD” at the bottom of the player to control which you want to watch. I’m guessing the problem was the “HD” was on before.
      Greens and fairways,

  8. Rocky P says:

    I was given that tip years ago, and have had great success with putts within 6 feet ever since! It’s a simple technique that really works. Good for you to bring it to the masses!

    Now, I just wish it would work for my shots off the tee and in the fairway! 🙂

  9. Judy says:

    Craig, I tried your 3′ putt tip & it was fabulous!! I made every one with confidence except one which was a bit longer & broke more than I realized. I will continue to use this technique & really don’t expect to miss any more of those short putts!! I amazed myself! & I actually felt like it improved the rest of my putting as well because I was following through to the hole!!! Thank you!!

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Awesome Judy! Thanks for telling me. Made my day. Golf really is a simple game. I do my best to find the most efficient ways to get results! This tip is definitely one of them.

      greens and fairways,

  10. Bruce says:

    Hi Craig,
    Was surfing the net in an effort to fin that one missing puzzle piece when it comes to shirt putts. Been missing way too many short ones, shooting high 80’s- low 90’s and know if I can sink more shorts I can def flirt with a 79.
    Saw your video, tried it for a few holes but then rain, but could not believe how effective this tip is, can’t wait to try it more.
    I will NOT be telling this one to my friends!
    I also watched some pro golf and noted that they too bring back putter only slightly on shortys.
    Thanks for the tip, see you on the other side of 80 😉

  11. Craig Sigl says:

    Thanks for comment Bruce. I’ve never heard any instructor mention it either, yet, that’s what many do. There’s lots of little things like this that I do for my game. Take a look around the site and explore them…

    greens and fairways,


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