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Stop over thinking and focus better on the course – Part 4


How to improve focus for golf part 4


Ok, you still need help with focus for your golf game even after what I taught you in the first 3 parts huh?


Well, then you’ve got some work to do. And that work I’m talking about is clearing the destructive beliefs you have about your game. That’s the final frontier.   These beliefs are what bring up the negative thoughts and difficult emotions that cause the tension that ruins your swing.


It’s pretty hard to focus when your automatic mind keeps bringing up the fact that you’ve played 9 good holes and every time you’ve done that, you fall apart on the back 9. Somewhere, somehow, you developed a belief about your game that causes this problem and wrecks your focus.


Our beliefs about ourselves are what govern our ability to succeed at anything. You may have a really fast speedboat but if you are dragging an anchor around behind it, it will never reach it’s maximum speed on the water. That anchor is like your beliefs about your golf game.


These beliefs are like programs on a computer that are plugged into the operating system and they just run whenever they are triggered. You are the computer. Your subconscious mind is your operating system. You’ve got to into the programming and clear it out of the system.


So how do we get rid of these beliefs that cause all this destruction?


Step 1. Identify the beliefs. This might seem like the easy part but in reality, most of us have quite the blind spot to it and can’t see the forest but for the trees. Here’s some common ones I run into that may be yours or inspire you to find your variation:


I’m not strong/tall/coordinated/flexible enough to play good golf.

I’m too old/young.

I’m not athletic.

I’m not consistent.

I’m not a good putter.

I’m too short off the tee.

I can’t put 18 holes together.

I can’t play under pressure.

I’m great on the range but not on the course.

I’m a 100+ or 90’s or 80’s player.

This hole/course owns me.

Are you getting the picture here? Have you ever caught yourself saying these things or thinking them? They may be programmed at the subconscious level by now if you have and literally, your body will make sure that you play to those beliefs because they are your truth whether they help or hurt you.


Step 2. When those thoughts or feelings come up, take a deep breath into the belly, let it go and then say or think to yourself: CANCEL, that’s how I used to be, now I am (and state the opposite of that thought).

This is a very simple technique that can work for you if you work it.

Some beliefs can be really stubborn and that’s when I go to hypnosis which goes directly to the subconscious…but that’s another story for a different video. Go to for more on that.


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