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Shortcut Putting Tip – Hold Your Finish

There’s tons of advice on putting out there but this tip is pretty much universal from all instructors and yet, many average golfers do not know about it and others that do, don’t use it. As a result, many strokes are needlessly lost when this such an easy tip that corrects many putting errors.



Hi Craig Sigl here. Creator of 7 golf programs sold worldwide. You are now going to get the shortcut secret to a solid putting game.

This simple tip is going to fix 50% of all of your putting errors and it’s super easy to do. It’s so easy that you might be tempted to overlook it so I will give you the rationale as to WHY this will do wonders for your putting game….The WHY is what will motivate you to actually use it on a consistent basis so here’s the secret…

Always hold your finish pointing the putter down the target line at the end of the putt.

Yep, that’s right. Here’s the WHY. When you hold your finish, you have necessarily followed through and dramatically increased your odds for keeping your putter traveling down the target line and keeps you from jabbing or yipping. This eliminates variables in the putting stroke and makes you more consistent.

You could have aligned yourself wrong….and this fixes it

You could have had a terrible backswing…this fixes it

You could have failed to get your eyes over the ball…and your subconscious mind will still seek to correct the putter direction despite your error.

If you have held your finish, you’ve already done so many things correctly that you don’t have to think about….that’s the beauty. Do not underestimate this, do it over and over on the rug in your living room until it’s automatic.

This is really the most brilliant piece of advice anyone could give you on putting. Watch pros, they all do it and then watch average golfers on the practice green and see how many do it.

See you on the next video.

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