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What Can Sammy The Squirrel Teach Golfers?

Well, another President’s Cup is in the history books. The international team made a huge comeback on Day 3 but Tiger Woods provided the winning point at the end. The way these guys played in the rain was what impressed me the most,

except for one thing…

Sammy the Squirrel.


It seems that a baby squirrel Davis Love III rescued stole the show for a day and was all in the news.

When I read or hear about things like this, my mind instantly goes to the psychology of what people think and how they act about such curiosities…and how it might affect a round.

I mean, this little squirrel wayyyy overshadowed the tournament for awhile.

I just had to do a video on it that I think you will enjoy and learn a little something for yourself for your game.


Title: What Can Sammy The Squirrel Teach Golfers?

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