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How To Quiet The Golf Mind – part 2

I’ve been asked many times how to turn off the constant negative mind chatter some of us have while playing (and in our daily lives).  I made a couple of videos to address this issue for you and today I have part 2 below.

If you missed part one, go to:

In part 2, I am going to give you one of my most efficient and powerful mind tactics to directly deal with this issue.  It also works really well in helping you fall asleep at night in addition to helping you control your thoughts.   I’d love for you to try it and let me know how it goes.

It might seem a bit silly at first but it flat out works.

Greens and fairways,


Title: How To Quiet The Golf Mind – part 2
Title: Quiet The Mind part 2

So in this video, let’s go over Technique #2 to get control of and quiet the mind from destructive thoughts.

What you want to do is to Become an observer of yourself and your thoughts. This is a little more fun for me and what I normally do. What this means is you pretend you are a third party, outside of yourself, hearing all the thoughts that come in to your mind…and you do a commentary on them.

This is what it might sound like when I do this:

“Hah Craig…you’re a pretty funny guy. Look at you thinking about the last 2 holes where you missed 3 foot putts thinking that has anything to do with your next putts.
(Pause, new negative thought comes in)
Huh…here comes another useless thought…wonder where that came from. Oh yeah, it was you…hahaha.. And now you’re walking faster than you usually do…could you slow down…can you start thinking about what your feet feel like as you take each step….This is interesting that you’re now talking to yourself and having a conversation with your worry wart self. Why don’t you have a conversation with your perfect golfer self right now instead of your worry golfer? That might be even more interesting. …and I can go on and on with this.”

..and sometimes I do…AND it’s very effective.

You could also do a variation of this and pretend you’re a sportscaster commenting on the thoughts that come up as you play.

Hey, it’s Johnny Miller here following Craig Sigl who just walked up to the 14th tee after running his putt 10 feet past the hole and 3-putting… gotta wonder about Craig’s mental state right now…can he put it behind him…etc etc. You can actually make yourself laugh with this one.

So what’s going on here with this mental tactic?
I’m here to tell you that there’s some magic about taking yourself out of yourself and observing yourself. You literally leave the box you built for yourself and expand into much higher-level thinking…perfect for playing in competition. Everyone can do this quiet easily. And it’s fun!

With either technique, the key is to DRIVE YOUR FERRARI mind. Get in the front seat and kick the autopilot out. You do this in other areas of your life, you can do it on the golf course.

Greens and Fairways,


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