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Breaking 80 – part 4: Fear is at the cause of many misses

Many golfers are completely unaware of why they miss clutch putts and struggle to have a smooth swing when under pressure. Bottom line? It’s fear.  The cause of these fears can be eliminated the same way we change any habit or make any long term unconsciously-controlled behavior or reaction.   Watch part 4 of my journey telling you how I broke 80 without practicing.
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6 Responses

  1. alan says:

    Look, I appreciate where you are coming from. I see you are quite emotional yourself and I’m proud of you that you have perhaps made some head way into your own subconscious and have perhaps even touched on some reprogramming or at least your are capable of consistently (cognitively)overriding negative thoughts. However, no two people are even remotely similar to one another.Intense,seemingly deep negative programming that has taken place from the womb is incomprehensibly complicated. It is a life long struggle that a sincere accepting ( as opposed to being in denial) individual can hope to move a hairsbreadth in this world at best, and trust me…..that is an amazing accomplishment….Best of luck sir. People do need hope, ya know?

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Thank you for your courage in commenting Alan. Really appreciate it! Let me address a couple things you mentioned.
      1. “I am quite emotional”
      For 40 years or so, I used to be quite an uptight, disconnected, stressed-out, emotion-repressing male like so many others out there unaware that there is another way to live. Once I learned emotional mastery and cleared my stuff, you now see the result of it. I was never naturally expressive or “emotional.”

      2. “No 2 people are remotely similar.”
      You are very correct. In my work with over 1500 people, in person, multiple sessions, and thousands more online, I came to that conclusion long ago.

      3. “Intense,seemingly deep negative programming that has taken place from the womb is incomprehensibly complicated”
      If you are trying to say here that people are so complicated that they can’t access their unconscious mind and can’t clear their mental baggage, and I’m somehow special to have done that…. well, you are dead wrong as I’ve been assisting hundreds of all types of people with doing just that for years with great success. Terrible childhood traumas, violence, loss, medical issues doctors can’t help, chronic pain, you name it. And yes, a few of them even presented issues from the womb. Forgetting my work, there are literally millions of talented practitioners in all modalities also with client success stories. Really, I’m not that special. It’s actually quite common if you look for it.

      4. “It is a life long struggle”
      I empathize with you if that has been your experience. I can assure you and so can many others that people need not resign themselves to this. Acceptance is a good place to start with the healing and clearing. Yes, the unconscious mind can often be very stubborn about changing it’s programming. But, everyone has the potential to do just that. Everyone! I would encourage you and anyone I meet to never give up your power and to continue to move toward how you want to be. I may not have had as seriously destructive things happen to me as others, but I sure have helped plenty of people who have had some of the worst things you can imagine happen to a human…so I speak from actual experience, not theory.

      5. “People do need hope, ya know?”
      Absolutely and I’m not quite sure how you got the message that I am not giving hope. In fact, in the 11 years I’ve been doing this, I’ve had countless golfers and others write to me that that is exactly what they got here. Please do not take my messages as flippant or light because I am energetic and passionate. They are not. I am guessing that’s why you felt compelled to comment and I understand and empathize with that too. To find your hope, I would suggest you seek out stories of others who have conquered their past and let go of their inner destruction. There are so many out there willing to share their message to help people do just that. Hay house books has loads of these and Louise Hay started her company based on these stories including her own.

      I am just doing my small part in telling my story of using golf as my vehicle to come back from clinical depression and the edge of suicide to now helping others improve their lives through the mental side of it. I sincerely wish that for you as well.
      Greens and Fairways,


      • alan says:

        Kind and caring of you to so thoroughly address my comments. Just to clarify however, my comment on hope was meant to imply that you are clearly aware of the fact that people are desperately seeking hope in all life arenas. (golf obviously included) I apologize for being unclear.

  2. Steve says:

    It’s a switch that flips both ways between conscience mind and unconscious mind.
    With practice and the Craig’s “Mental Toughness” Course, that switch will flip a whole lot less and get you to the point where your letting go and that perfect self that knows all takes over.
    When you are in your conscience mind you have very little chance of ever breaking 90.

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