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Golf tips: Stop battling your golf swing

I’ve decided to do a regular series of videos where I answer questions that come to me in email and blog posts from golfers.

This one below comes from a golfer who more than just struggles to find his swing but has been learning from me how to connect with his inner perfect golfer self.

I give you a simple step-by-step progression bridge the gap between a tense swing and an energized, yet relaxed swing.

I’d really love to hear your comments below the video.

Battling your golf swing

Title: Golf tips: Stop battling your golf swing

Dear Craig,
I feel like every full swing is a battle. I tend to think of the swing while making a swing. I have also
tried thinking of nothing, humming, & focussing on the target all with the same result. besides your other
suggestions have you any comments that would help. John.

Hi John,
Is there anything in your life that you do maybe for fun or pure enjoyment but that DON’T MATTER if you win or lose?

An example is playing cards with friends. ¬†Or, playing a game or a round with a teenager or son or daughter. You know what it’s like when you are excited to put your mind to a fun task and have the great feelings of competition that come with doing it with someone you care BUT, there’s no downside. If you lose, no big deal (to most of us that is.)

Do some of these things, on purpose. ¬†Connect with the thought and feeling of doing that as much as possible. Whether what I’m going to tell you next is going to work for you or not depends on how much energy and attention you put into this BEFORE you go out to the course.

  • 4507043_xxlReally pay attention to what it’s like doing these things.
  • Bring those thoughts and feelings over to your swing in the backyard (no ball).
  • Bring that over to swinging at a whiffle ball in the backyard
  • Bring that over to swinging at the range without a ball
  • Bring that over to swinging at the range with a ball
  • Bring that over to swinging on the course without a ball

…then to hitting a ball.
Through the whole process, you are focusing on the thoughts and feelings that you generated playing with your grandkids
or playing cards with friends.

Progress through the steps above and don’t move on to the next step until you get the one before it.
You want to get this new message into your entire being for why you play this game…and then the battle will be over.

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  1. Dan says:

    I bought your program but have no response to the question I E mailed. How do I get the swing change I am working on with my Pro into my unconscious so it is consistent ?

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