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Golf Score Improvement Plan

If you’ve looked at golf instruction online for any amount of time, you no doubt have experienced that dreaded issue: “Golf instruction confusion.”

I’ve said it many times before that I fully recommend that you pick your swing and physical game instructor and you commit to him/her teaching. That means you have to ignore other advice while following those instructions.

It’s the same thing with the mental side of the game which is why you are here. In this next video, I’m going to make it really simple for you as I answer one of my followers who is in the midst of some confusion on how to use my teachings.

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Greens and fairways,




80/20 Improvement Plan

Hello Craig,

I joined as a gold member and purchased the CD’s 3 weeks ago. I have over the past 3 rounds improved with some really great shots in particular my irons. getting 3 or 4 pars a round.

My problem is this: I have so much stuff that I want to listen to it becomes over whelming. Can you suggest a plan that I can follow on a daily basis that will help me get some focus and direction. I am a qualified NLP practitioner and hypnosis as well so I know this stuff works. I am probably putting to much expectations on myself.

A plan to follow would be great with the things that I should focus
on first the the next then the next…………………… etc,

thanks, Tony

Hi Tony,

Thanks for being a customer!

preshot-routine-down-pat1. The first thing you need to do is get your preshot routine down pat. Go over the elements of the preshot routine that I teach and make sure you incorporate them all and do them religiously. The point of that is to train your unconscious mind to take over once you begin the swing or putting stroke. Most important!

2. Once a day, break out your favorite wedge and chip for 5-10 min if you can. Into a bucket in your backyard is fine. If weather is bad, chip into a couch or sofa inside.

3. Listen to a favorite song on your way to the course that has your special golf rhythm that you will hear in your head while on the course. You will sing this song while swinging.

4. During warmup on the range before a round, do everything you can to simulate that you are playing a hole. Do not go from Wedge up to driver like everyone else does.

5. Just before going to bed at night, for now, do just one of the golf hypnosis sessions that for the area of the game that you believe will give you the most bang for your buck. Do that session for one week or so and then move to the next one for another week, and so on. Don’t try to go into all the sessions at once and mix them up. Pound into your unconscious mind the concepts that you know will give you some stroke savings now. You need to get some confidence that you can affect your game through the mental game as soon as possible and then you can build on that.

This is 80/20 golf improvement and the secret to lower scores faster.

Greens and fairways, Your swing is…

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