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How To Solve Your Golf ProblemsCongratulations on finding this site and opening the gateway to a new paradigm of attacking this game to lower your score.

You will get the most benefit by going through the materials I present to you with an open mind. I’ve been teaching a unique perspective on golf that you won’t hear anywhere else.

For starters, and for my thanks in trusting me with your email, here’s my free 190 page digitized book:
How To Solve Your Golf Problems

written by Paul Runyan and some of golf’s greatest from the 20th century. Some of the way we describe golf problems might use different terms than today’s modern instructors but you will find the tips and techniques effective just the same.

In fact, guess what…there’s really nothing new under the sun in the golf world for the last 70 years…other than advances in agronomy (grass) and new materials for the clubs. Even with all of that, golfers average scores have stayed the same.

Here’s your digitized version of the actual book that I have in my golf library at home. I am able to pass it on to you because it is in the public domain.

How To Solve Your Golf Problems.

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