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  • Secret chipping, putting techniques.

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Break 80 Without Practice

“How A 5-Foot 5-Inch, Beer-Drinking-Workaholic, Weekend Hacker Went From Scoring In The 90′s To The 70′s And Driving The Ball 270 Yards…Without Practicing”

I just could not break 80 to save my life. I was about to give up the game. In fact, I literally did in a way…Break 80 Without Practice
I gave up the “game” of false hope. I instead turned toward what it is that really needs to happen in order to score lower – what I had already done before on many holes before, except now I needed to find out how to do it on 18 holes! Having pretty much figured that I was stuck to a life of shooting in the high 90′s with an occasional 80′s score, I didn’t bother to practice anymore. My life then was far too busy and chaotic to squeeze in any time on the range anyway.
For the next 2 years, however, I DID follow these secrets of human behavior and performance and some key concepts related to how to most efficiently send a golf ball to a target. What happened next was almost like a miracle.
I found some of the answers outside of golf and some within the teachings of obscure pros you’ve never heard of.
I learned later that many other pros have gone that way before me but they weren’t talking!

Digitally delivered in Audio .mp3 and ebook formats.

52 Ways To Lower Your Golf Score Without Practice

“Can a golfer play better without practice? That’s the question we asked several of our Top 100 Teachers, and their answer was a resounding “Yes!”
Golf Magazine March 2004 pg. 10552waysCover-web180x238

This book is part 2, or a follow up to Break 80 Without Practice. Did you know that average golf scores have not gone down in 60 years since the invention of steel shafts? With all the instruction and new club technology, no improvement…nada, nothing!

The problem, as I see it, is that golfers have expectations for dramatic results that they will instantly feel once they apply some advice. Golfers tend to overlook- or might not be sensitive to- subtle improvements. That’s why everyone wants a magic move or a quick swing fix and they ignore powerful, yet subtle gains that when added up, yield outstanding results. This is the secret sauce!

Yes, golfers email me regularly that just one of the 52 strategies has changed the way they play the game and lowered their score. But I get really excited when they read this book and tell me that they enjoy the game SO MUCH MORE.

This is a physical book shipped to your door.

Without Practice Bootcamp

8 Golf Experts Reluctantly Share Over 100 Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Game From The Comfort of Your Home

Steve Wozeniak – Tour Instructor, Eric Jones – Long Drive Champ, David Mackenzie – European Tour mental coach, Alex Fortey  -former pro and performance coach, Stephen Ladd – Renegade Golf Coach, Wade Pearse – Visualization Expert, Jeff Richmond – Consistent Golf, and Craig Sigl – no-practice expert.


Online Golf Classics Library onlineclassics

12 Digitized Golf Books for US $27

  • Gary Player’s Golf Secrets by Gary Player ($19.00 Value)
  • The Education of a Golfer by Sam Snead ($22.00 Value)
  • Golf Can Be An Easy Game by Joe Novak ($21.00 Value)
  • Hit it Hard by Arnold Palmer ($25.00 Value)
  • Better Golf in 5 Minutes by J. Victor East ($26.00 Value)
  • The Natural Way to Better Golf by Jack Burke jr. ($16.00 Value)
  • Golf Secrets of the Pros by Scott Camden ($14.00 Value)
  • How to Solve Your Golf Problems, by Byron Nelson, Paul Runyan ($19.00 Value)
  • How You Can Play Better Golf Using Self-hypnosis by Jack Heise ($29.00 Value)
  • Golf Is A Four-Letter Word by Richard Armour ($11.00 value)
  • The Wedge Book by Doug Sanders ($18.00 value)
  • Golf Secrets by Ken Black ($15.00 value)

Golf Self Hypnosis

Virtual Hypnosis Office sessions by Master Hypnotist, Craig Sigl. Yes, everyone can go into hypnosis. graphic

Long Game – Increase Driving Distance
Long Game – Improve Accuracy
Long Game – Your Perfect Swing
Short Game – Pitching and Chipping
Short Game – Sand Trap Shots
Putting – Reading Greens
Putting – Confidence
Putting – Eliminate the Yips
Mental Toughness – Develop Focus
Mental Toughness – Confidence
Special Problems – Playing behind slow players

From Range To Course

From Range To Course“How To Stop Choking Under Pressure and Bring YOUR BEST Practice Game To The Course Using A Simple Proven Strategy”

Join Craig Sigl for a FREE 3-part video training series on how to get your comfortable, relaxed, smooth practice game over to the course and have it hold up under heavy pressure. This is the biggest problem in all of golf and even Tiger Woods’ swing instructor does not know how to solve it. You will know more than him about “transference” (the technical term for this issue) when you are finished with this training.

Shortcut Secrets To Consistent Golf

“How To Turn An Average Golfer Into A Consistent Golf Machine…Through Mental Practice”

Consistent GolfThis 4-part FREE video training series is the crowning piece of Craig Sigl’s years of work with golfers. In these videos, you will discover for FREE:

  • The strategy for robotic consistency that any golfer, at any level, can acquire
  • How to play unconscious golf
  • How to visualize like a pro
  • The secrets of an amazing PGA pro champion who has won 19 times on tour…and never practices
  • Specific techniques for how to develop Hogan-like focus for an entire round
  • Long lost mental technique by the most famous golf instructor of the 1930’s and 40’s (he taught Jack Nicklaus instructor)
  • Eye-opening technique to finally program your mind to Hit The Ball Straight!

….and much more