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Consistent Golf Part 2 – The Formula

Yes, I’ll be the first to admit that a technically good swing can make it easier to achieve repeatability and I want that for you… that’s all good…

but I believe that once you have a decent swing, nothing fancy, and you just don’t have the time or resources to devote to making it more perfect (that’s 85% of all amateur golfers out there), then the next best thing is to train the swing and your entire GAME toward assembly-line consistency…pumping out par scores like cars coming out of a factory.

This can be done with or WITHOUT practice even at the highest levels of the sport and it’s much easier for high handicappers.
Still not convinced? Ever hear of the golfer Bruce Lietzke?
Lietzke has won 12 times on the PGA tour and 7 times on the Champions Tour…without practicing.

Watch the video to find out the formula for you to duplicate this kind of success at your level…

Transcript SSCG-2

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31 Responses

  1. mark says:

    Would the backwards countdown work during a regular swing?


    • Craig Sigl says:

      Hi Mark,
      Yes, absolutely! I advocate singing a song or a talking a sentence during your swing. Backwards countdown is perfect. I’m going to do a video on your email question to me.

  2. Mark Wilson says:

    Craig, the “wounded duck” reference resonated with me. I played like that yesterday – started par, birdie, par, birdie, par, then I got too cocky on the 6th hole and made a triple – this paved the way for the rest of the round. What should I have done to get my opening 5 hole metality back?

    • Craig Sigl says:

      HI Mark, Thanks for commenting. The pattern I’m seeing here is in the thinking of carrying forward what you did in the past. I know it’s a trite saying to advise: “Play one hole or one shot at a time” but that’s the gist of it. The thinking goes something like this after a couple of good holes: “Wow Craig, you’re playing really well right now, wonder if you can keep it going?” And since golf is a game of mistakes, the inevitable mistakes come up and a triple shows up. Then the thinking is something like: “Darn, had a great round going, I have to make up for that triple…or…darn it, there goes my flow I had.”

      What you want to do is be a robot about your thinking that goes something like this: “Wow, what a great day to be out here…do my preshot routine, focus on what my senses are taking in right here, right now…go through the motions, pick my target, trust my swing and my perfect golfer and then get out of the way.”
      Rinse and repeat for every shot.

      In other words, stop judging what you do on the course whether it’s good or bad…everything out there just IS.

      Hope that helps.

  3. NameJohn Reed says:

    I am still enjoying your presentations and am trying to apply them to may game. I blew-out on a couple of holes yesterday but, by staying with your teachings, this time I didn’t let it get to me, at all! I just stayed with, and enjoyed, the process (yours) I was applying in my mind. Even though I hadn’t played for several weeks, my playing mate commented that I was playing ‘pretty good’ for such a long abstinence.

    I am making arrangements to purchase your book because I am genuinely looking forward to your instructions and to applying them to my game, for the improvement I desire.

    Thanks, and regards … John

  4. John says:

    I have droped my h/c from 24.5 to 15.5 in past 6 weeks using this stuff

  5. morganaq says:

    cool i will give this a go when i go out on the course next……thank you

  6. Nadeen says:

    Enjoyed video 1 & 2 but am unable to download book. Can you help me with this.

  7. Gil says:

    Several months ago I decided to use a word to get myself ready for a shot. I wasn’t trying to put myself in a trance or anything, just something to make me concentrate more for the task at hand. I chose the word “cocoon”, because I felt it was the best way to get my mind in a position where I put all outside noises and/or distractions totally out of my mind and made me concentrate more for what I had to do. Each time I do this it helps me immensely but the key is getting into that “cocoon” each and every time. That’s the hard part. When you’re with your buddies out on the course or having an off day because of personal issues it’s tough to get into that “cocoon” mode. I’m still working on it and I hope your tips will offer some help or advice. Thanks for the videos.

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Hi Gil,
      Thanks for commenting. Clearly, your inner golfer has been trying to guide you with such a technique. Nice work! Just hold the intention that you are on a new path for how to play this game…and it WILL happen over time. Have no expectations. Just enjoy the journey and everything else about golf and allow it to happen.

      Greens and Fairways,


  8. Albert says:

    That was fantastic! I watched all three vid’s and feel energized, both by your energy and by the total sense it all makes. I have lost my golf mojo, having had a 16HC, I now bumble about the course mis-hitting shots like fury. And worrying why! No prize for why. Surrendering yourself to your inner golfer, now that makes sense. Letting your body play the shot it knows it can, instead of efforting a shot down the fairway, now THAT makes sense,
    Thank you for seeing golf from outside the boxes we all put it into.
    Best… Albert

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Thanks for commenting Albert. Time to rebuild your entire belief structure about the game…I think you will easily get on the right track now that the old ways haven’t served you! Sometimes we need to break down before we break through.

      Greens and fairways,


  9. NameNameNameNameCharlie says:

    Counting words in a paragraph backwards and counting backwards from an uneven number in putting. What are you saying? Is counting backwards the key to relieving your mind of extraneous thoughts to get better focus?

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Hi Charlie, counting backwards while you putt is a distraction technique to busy the conscious mind so that it doesn’t interfere with your inner perfect golfer self’s ability to putt. Counting words from the bottom of a book upwards is an exercise to strengthen the focus “muscle” of the brain. Going backwards is a useful tool to help with intent because we don’t normally do it that way and so you have to think about it. That’s the point.

      Greens and Fairways,


  10. Martin says:

    Hi Craig
    Really enjoying the series and am working my way through the book. Broke 90 last week only for the third time ever.

    The counting back whilst putting has worked wonders. I’ve putted more consistently and sunk some really long puts. Also worked on my pre-putting routine again which has also helped.

    I remembered that at one time I used to recite a poem in my head when teeing off and have gone back to it with improving results off the tee. Just about to write out my affirmation statement.. I really feel that I will break 80 sometime in the near future.

    Thanks a lot for really getting my enthusiasm back again as I was beginning to despair.and wondering whether I should call it a day on golf.


  11. Rick says:

    Hi Craig,
    Thank you for all the info. I hit the ball amazing on the range but on the Tee I get the yips. My playing partners say I have a totally different swing on the course then the range ( like I am trying to guide my shots and cannot just let go)…..will counting backwards help this? and do you have any other suggestions?

    Thank you for your time 🙂

  12. Guy Phelan says:

    Hi Craig,
    I found the second video extremely interesting! I have a question about “counting backward.” Do you begin counting backwards when you are reading the putt? Taking a practice stroke(s)? When you have addressed the ball?

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Guy, thanks for comment. You only need to start counting backwards just before you are about to take the putter back on the backstroke. It’s about occupying your conscious mind so that it gets out of the way. You develop TRUST in your putting stroke.

      Greens and Fairways,


  13. derek hughes says:


  14. Mirthon Manon says:

    When you count down before putting, do you count all the way down to 0? is there a pace to the count down like 59, 57, 55…. or 59……57…..55…?

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Hi Mirthon,

      You only need count down a few numbers. You start the count just before you are about to bring the putter back and then stop counting after you strike the ball. The point is to keep your conscious mind busy so it doesn’t interfere and you learn to trust your stroke.
      Greens and Fairways,


  15. Ken Haines says:

    Hey Craig

    Have been watching your two videos over and over in preparation for the upcoming golf season. I am 70 years old and have played golf for many many years and only broke 80 once that I can remember. Needless to say I am ready to get it done on a consistent basis. Last year I returned to golf after being away from it for many years and managed to get my handicap to around 17. Now I would like to push it a little lower thus my interest in your videos. My question now is have you done the 3rd video yet?

    Cannot wait to try out your techniques this spring (likely early May up here in New Brunswick Canada). Will keep you posted on how things work out.


  16. Jim O'Donnell says:

    I’m interested in your program but am unable to get through to the payment sites. The first site said it was unsecure and the paypal site generated an error message. Hope this can be resolved somehow. Thanks

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