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Consistency Part 1 – Unconscious Golf

Have you ever heard these words in talking about a golfer or other athlete playing over his or head…

“He’s playing unconscious.” It’s said so often it’s a sports cliché. Maybe you’ve heard it this way… “She’s playing out of her mind”
You know, every mental game guru will tell you that the way to play your best is to play unconsciously. But that’s a heck of a lot easier said than done now isn’t it?
So how do you do that?

Before I give you that in this video, you’ve got to put aside everything you know about golf for a moment if you want to REALLY do something powerful for your game that takes very little time and energy and is extremely efficient for lowering your score… Watch the video and learn…

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Unconscious Golf-1

56 Responses

  1. Namejohn says:

    audio was fine …… but the message of ‘play unconsciously’ sounds really easy, but frightfully difficult to execute. Needs a lot of trust in your inner golfer who I never met till now.

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Hi John,
      It’s a process. Nothing to be afraid of. You will get better and better if you just hold that intention as you play and work on your game. Improvement comes in increments, look forward to small victories. Stay tuned for more.

      greens and fairways,

  2. john says:

    Hello Craig,

    How do you specifically build that trust and communication with your unconscious mind out on the golf course?

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Hi John, I will tell you more about that in the next video but basically, it’s simple. Imagine you have a perfect golfer inside you and he knows how to hit great shots. Talk to him and trust him. If you don’t hit a great shot, take responsibility for not getting your message across about what you wanted. In other words, it’s never a mechanical swing error, it’s always an error in self-communication. You just didn’t make the connection. It’s a paradigm shift that changes everything about the way you play the game and relaxes your swing so that you can play to your potential. Have fun talking to yourself!
      greens and fairways,


  3. Wink says:

    Real interesting. My game is already improving.
    Guess I was lost for a few years…lol

  4. wpb.joe says:

    that’s pretty cool….actually after reading some material about Quantum Theory, and Parallel Universes, I have occasionally called on my ‘pro-golfer’ to handle a tough shot. Sometimes it actually worked. I guess what your saying is to play the whole round connecting with ‘him’
    Will certainly try it tomorrow in my courses ‘Men’s Games’…

  5. ed says:

    Thank You, enjoyed your presentation.

  6. al says:

    nice work

  7. Shark GT says:

    Craig, I opened this video from one of the many golf emails I get daily. I am generally not a believer in positive thoughts leading to positive results. I watched this video and said what the heck, it can’t hurt. My problem is mental, I know that going from range (good) to course (inconsistent and tense). I applied your advice and I have now shot 3 rounds of 83-84 after being near 90. I definitely feel looser and swing freer. I am going to work hard on this and best of all, I am excited looking forward to next round and not feeling any sense of unease. Thanks, Shark.

    • Craig Sigl says:

      THanks Shark! I am so glad you are getting results. Often, the work I do just gives the golfer a new attitude that frees him from the constraints that the golf industry has taught…and then, your natural talent just comes out! Enjoy and keep it going…it’s about much more than “positive thoughts” as you are noticing.
      greens and fairways,


  8. rand says:

    How do you build that trust if you have the yips? It’s really hard to have a positive outlook when you rarely get the ball up & down in the short game. This doesn’t apply to my putting only chips & short pitches. Thank You

    • Bob says:


      Try putting your chips. What I mean by that is hold your wedge very lightly and take it back and through SLOWLY!! The Yips come from jerking the head of the club trying to accelerate it with your hands. Stroke the chips softly using only your shoulders like you do with your putts and do not let the head of the club EVER pass your holds as you take it down and through…..once again, SLOWLY. I’m a teaching professional and my expertise is in the short game. I have cured the yips over and over again. Good Luck!

      • NameBob says:


        Great stuff here!! I’m a teaching professional and I often tell students that making 7 pars on the front 9 doesn’t have to be followed with two doubles. Negative thinking, or as you would put it, not getting in touch with the “Pro in You” allows you to seek out the level you are so used to. You’re really on to something here and I look forward to your next video. Bob

        • Craig Sigl says:

          Thanks Bob! I really appreciate your comments. You are so correct. Carrying over your bad shots/holes to the next shot is being a slave to our difficult emotions. Golfers are always surprised when I boil their problems down to emotions…especially men.
          greens and fairways,


      • Craig Sigl says:

        Thank you so much, Bob, for commenting and helping us out with this fabulous tip. Love it!!
        greens and fairways,


    • Craig Sigl says:

      Hi Rand, You have the yips because you don’t have a connection with your unconscious mind. Once you get that, you have to unwind the stored stress in the body by resolving difficult emotions. A shortcut to all of that is to go get massages and while on the table…imagine all that old stress leaving your hands and arms and shoulders. I believe that old stress literally gets stored in the tissues and builds up over time…this is why the yips affects older golfers more than younger ones. You’ve got to let it all go and then use some physical technique like Bob offered. Hope that helps.

      greens and fairways,

  9. John Reed says:

    Greetings again. This video was as enjoyable and informative as the previous. I feel like I am a ‘blotter’ – just soaking-up your logic. Since my hypnotherapy sessions all those years ago, I am ALWAYS in contact with my inner self (James – my second given name) and have already started to apply your instructions in just about everything I am doing.
    For the first time in many weeks, I am off to my golf course tomorrow and will be right into this stuff. I’ll let you now how it went, as I start applying your principles.
    Thanks and regards … John

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Nice John!! Remember…you can’t force the kind of things I teach. You just kind of hold the intention and focus on being in the present moment appreciating what you love about the game. Seek not to get a lower score…seek ye first to get into the flow state.
      greens and fairways,


  10. Pascale says:


    Your video is really a breakthrough in my golf. I play now 9 years and wishing to become a golf teacher. Last year I manage to play once 3over par, since that never did it again… Why? Because I was standing in the way to play well.
    The only question I do have is, I know that playing out of your mind is the key, but how do you put that in alignment with your feelings???
    As I believe and endured already is that everything happens when your knowing is in perfect alignment with your feelings.
    How can I make disappear the fear of hitting a shot into the green when I’m standing on the 6th hole even par?
    How can I get my knowing on the same line as my feelings?

    Many thanks!

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Hi Pascale, You are correct about getting in alignment with your feelings. Your feelings are a result of your experience filtered through your beliefs. It’s a release of chemicals that make you feel something in the body. If your feelings are not in line with your wants and desires, then you have some beliefs that need to be changed. The answer to your question is my emotional mastery process which is in my “From Range To Course” process (available Aug. 4th). The basics of it is that all FEAR is either fear of physical danger or fear of emotions. So, I teach people that emotions are just chemicals and how to resolve the emotions that come up. When you get good at that, you don’t fear your emotions any more. When we have fear on the golf course, we fear emotions such as disappointment, embarrassment, inadequacy, etc. What if you didn’t fear those emotions? The key is understanding that all emotions are good…they are internal communication. I teach clients how to embrace emotions…AND go with them when they show up.
      greens and fairways,


  11. Namejohn says:

    Hi Craig. Back long I mentioned I played a perfect round, then I played some very usual rounds for me. Then I go out and play another great round, and the one thing I notice that was different
    was the ease at which I played each shot(it was like I was standing by my side watching some great
    golf being played)I am, sure having just watched your last video, that what you say makes sense, can’t wait to try what you say, can’t believe I am talking this way, but watch this space.

  12. Lopi Faleafa says:

    Hi Craig,
    I can’t wait to practice this “unconscious golf” Thanks so much Craig. Lopi

  13. Thomas O'Shea says:

    Subscribed to your offer, but the download of the e-book “How To Solve Your Golf Problems” does not work for me.


  14. NameNameNameRandy Miller says:

    Every time I hit a bad shot, I let Bubba hit the next one and it is all ways perfect. I think I’ll let Bubba play all my shots first. That’s like letting my inter self play the whole round.

  15. NameMarv Dibbens says:

    Craig, been on the “inner self” wagon for years. Also understand “fear”. (Can’t remember the last time I was afraid). Since the conscious mind cannot move a single muscle in my body, it’s name (for me) is “Little King”. He wants to be THE MAN. So I give him minor unrelated things to do when needing to focus. Works fine. Until now–had not tried that while on the golf course. Also, never figured out a method for clear communication with Ish (the inner me). Giving this all a banner try. I’ll let you know how well it goes. Marv

  16. Jeff Hopkins says:

    Craig. Yet more perfect sense from you. You have already helped me greatly by changing my approach to the game. It will be great to play those occasional rounds you get every now and then every time you tee it up. Thanks.

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Awesome Jeff! Have no expectations when you go out there. “Seek not to score low….seek ye first to get into the flow of playing”
      Let the scores just happen.
      Greens and Fairways,


  17. Stephen says:

    Hi Craig, tried the counting backwards when putting on the practice green, didn’t seem to work, very uncomfortable feeling. I tried it again a couple of weeks later at home in the lounge room on the carpet and it did seem to make a difference, so I tried it the next day on the course. What a difference. It’s still an uncomfortable feeling but I’m getting used to it. I’m finding even if I don’t sink the putt, my length judgement is now much better. Two questions I have, 1/. should I pick a different number every time or can I count from the same number every time? 2/. Can I use this on other clubs, like my wedges? Lastly, I’ve noticed that I need to be sure that I have looked at the hole, thought through the putt and steadied BEFORE I start counting, otherwise not as good a result. Does that seem normal. Thanks.

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Hi Stephen,

      Way to go! You have entered into the TRUST zone. Very nice.

      Comfortable isn’t always what we strive for in golf. In fact, changing things is usually uncomfortable and that’s a good thing if what you were doing before wasn’t working for you.

      1. I would pick a different number to start backward from every time. Keeps your conscious mind busy. That’s the point.

      2. Yes, you can use it on other clubs, for sure!

      Lastly, that is TOTALLY normal and actually desired. That’s what sets your unconscious mind to a target.

      Keep it going!
      Greens and fairways,

      9 Lake Bellevue Dr. #214
      Bellevue WA 98005

      “Your swing is good enough to go low”

  18. Kenny says:

    I have not received the other videos. Can you help? I like the information and I will use it when I am practicing and playing, thanks!

  19. Mbwa Kali Sana says:

    Dear Craig ,You didn’t suggest at any moment in your presentation how to connect with that “Inconscious Inner Golfer “we have inside us !
    I read a long time ago (30 years at least ,I ‘m now over 80 !) the TIMOTHY GALWEY fine book “THE INNER GAME OF GOLF”.
    I’ll probably read it again to get the answer you didn’t give .As far as I remember ,it was all about the left side and the right side of the brain and the littel voice whispering to you before every shot

  20. Robert Eaton Kelley says:

    Hello Craig,

    I’ve written a fictional collection with golf as the metaphor titled, “Shaman of the Green”: it is a literary potpourri of short stories, epiphanies, whimsies and musings on the mystery and comedy, the spirituality and mythology, and withal the fantasy and history of golf. Any suggestions on agents and/or editors/pubs to approach? Ben Wright–remember him?–has compared my writing to Michael Murphy and Steven Pressfield. Thank you for any suggestions.

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Hi Robert,

      I would self publish and study book marketing. You will make more money and be in control of your destiny. There’s tons of info out there and Amazon has millions of people ready to buy.

      Greens and Fairways,


  21. Mbwa Kali Sana says:

    In his book “THE TALENT CODE “,DANIEL COYLE says you have to hit 10’000 shots of a given shot for it to become “NATURAL “.That’s the BEN HOGAN way .i really don’t see how you can play “UNCONSCIOUS GOLF ” otherwise

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Hi Mbwa,

      That’s not entirely true. The main theme of the book was about “Deep Practice” and coming up with ways to develop this to stand out from the competition. Certainly hitting thousands of shots and practicing will help anyone, for sure. All can say for “How to play Unconscious Golf” is to keep watching the videos. I’m not the only one who gets this. Look around on the blog for other golfers who have seen success. There’s one right below here.

      One of my favorite stories concerns a Buddhist scholar and a Zen Master. The scholar had an extensive background in Buddhist Studies and was an expert on the Nirvana Sutra. He came to study with the master and after making the customary bows, asked her to teach him Zen. Then, he began to talk about his extensive doctrinal background and rambled on and on about the many sutras he had studied.

      The master listened patiently and then began to make tea. When it was ready, she poured the tea into the scholar’s cup until it began to overflow and run all over the floor. The scholar saw what was happening and shouted, “Stop, stop! The cup is full; you can’t get anymore in.”

      The master stopped pouring and said: “You are like this cup; you are full of ideas about Buddha’s Way. You come and ask for teaching, but your cup is full; I can’t put anything in. Before I can teach you, you’ll have to empty your cup.”

      Greens and Fairways,


  22. John says:

    Well I tried it this week and it worked for ……. a conscious effort to talk to my “alter-golfer” when I needed to play my shots in the Clubs Senior Cup …. guess what I won it with a 5 under handicap round after 2 years adrift in the doldrums. Oh and it worked in the weekly roll-up as well. Looking forward to doing it again soon. Hoping I can get to a 10hc soon.

  23. Craig Sigl says:

    Hey! Way to go John!!! This stuff works huh? Thanks for reporting back to us.

    Greens and Fairways,


  24. Lary says:

    What did Ben Hogan mean by “Hitting the Dirt”

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Basically, it means hitting thousands of golf balls on the practice range. It was said he would hit balls until his fingers would bleed.
      Greens and Fairways,


  25. Don says:

    Just watched the video. Thought it was great. I have had your CD’s Break 80 without practice & using self-hypnosis for quite some time but have not listened to them for a while. Think I will start again. I do not remember getting any videos prior to this one. Any chance of getting them?
    I want to watch the video again, not sure how to get to the unconscious mind on a continuing basis. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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