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12 Digitized Golf Books for US $27

These are classics that are now out of print and in the public domain that will be posted for you to download and not available anywhere else! They are real books that have been scanned and digitized for you. Actual covers below.

Currently at 11 books and growing! Check out what you get right now and more will be posted for you in the future with no further charge!

Golf Can Be An Easy Game by Joe Novak ($21.00 Value)

Chapters on: Erroneous theories, The golf shot, the golf stroke, Body action, Footwork, Basic ideas, Clubs, Slicing and hooking, Unusual shots, Lefthanded golf, Women’s golf, Common faults, Golf research, Harmful golf theory, Mental side of golf…and more. Former President of the PGA.

Better Golf in 5 Minutes by J. Victor East ($26.00 Value)

Chapters on: Club design, The basic movement, club fitting, Evolution of equipment, Grip, Aiming, Swing pointers, From practice to a round, Accuracy, Hooks and slices, temperament and touch in putting, How to teach others, Scoring. East was a master club builder.

Hit it Hard by Arnold Palmer ($25.00 Value)

Chapters on: Mental approach, The hands in the swing, Stance, Backswing, Driving, Swing finish, Club choice, Long irons, Mid-irons, Short irons, Around the green, Putting, Trouble shots. This book was written at the height of Palmer’s career and includes many swing photos.

How You Can Play Better Golf Using Self-hypnosis by Jack Heise ($29.00 Value)

Chapters on: The mental game, subconscious mind, How to do Self-hypnosis, Imagery, Time distortion in Hypnosis, Mental problems

Golf Secrets of the Pros by Scott Camden ($14.00 Value)

Chapters on: Shotmaking with all clubs from these Golf Legends: Snead, Middlecoff, Mangrum, Souchak, Armour, Stranahan, Ford, Bayer, Demaret, Furgol, Sarazen, Bolt, Boros, Toski, Fleck, Littler, Burke

The Natural Way to Better Golf by Jack Burke jr. ($16.00 Value)

Jackie Burke jr Chapters on: Grip, Address, Consistent putting secrets, Chipping, Swing pause secret, Footwork, Woods, Slice cure, Starting a round, Short game, Shot creativity, Trouble shots.

Gary Player’s Golf Secrets by Gary Player ($19.00 Value)

Chapters on: Driving for distance, Fairway shots, Chipping/Pitching, Putting, Trouble shots, Weather variables, Competition secrets, How to practice, Golf gear tips, Women golfers, Conditioning for golf, Gary’s thoughts on golf.

How to Solve Your Golf Problems, by Byron Nelson, Paul Runyan, John Revolta, Jack Burke jr. ($19.00 Value)

Chapters on: Slicing, Hooking, Pushing, Pulling, Loss of Distance, Topping, Shanking, Sclaffing, Smothering, Grass Cutters, Fouling up around the greens, In the rough, In the sand, On the green, In the mind, on the scorecard. Illustrations of all problems and fixes.

The Education of a Golfer by Sam Snead ($22.00 Value)

This book is part instruction, history, adventure, humor and stories from the great Sam Snead. Sam is quite entertaining in this book telling all about his many tour victories and some tough losses. He gives you lessons with his stories and sometimes directly. He covers all the major aspects of the game throughout the book. You will get to know the real man, Sam Snead through reading this book and also learn how to improve your game in the process. 245 pages long, a classic must-have for any golfer.

The Wedge Book by Doug Sanders ($18.00 value)

Doug Ford has a golf gift that appears only occasionally in several generations—incredible accuracy from just off the green. Not since Johnny Revolta, 25 years ago, has there been a player who can “get down in two” as often from within 100 yards of the hole. This book gives you Doug’s secrets.

Golf Secrets by Ken Black ($15.00 value)

This book has been written for beginning golfers and those with some experience that want to improve their game and shoot lower scores. It is also an excellent guide that shows you how to avoid high scores (double bogeys or more) and disappointing rounds. Applying the secrets in this book may not be enough to get you ready for the P.G.A. Tour, but you’ll start playing your best golf ever and may just be smiling on the links much more often!

Golf Is A Four-Letter Word by Richard Armour ($11.00 value)

The intimate confessions of a hooked slicer. This book is a hilarious story and look at golf from the perspective of your average golfer who gets hooked on the game at 15. There’s never a dull moment and I’ll bet you laugh out loud like I did when I read it.

Total Value – $235.00


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