“Hermit-Like Golf Psychologist Breaks His 30-Year Silence To Teach You The EXACT SAME SECRETS He Uses To Launch Golfers With Only Average Talent To The Pro Tours!”

“An Open Letter To Golfers Frustrated By Their Sorry Golf Game, And Going Nowhere Fast:”

You’ve been lied to and brainwashed by the golf industry!

Just open up any golfing magazine or watch “that” Channel on TV and what do you see? The hottest, latest new driver that you must have that will have you sending 300 yard (270M) drives down the fairway straight as an arrow. All you have to do is plunk down $400 and the perfect driving game is yours!

“To Start Hitting Drives Like Bullets From A Gun – It Ain’t A New Driver You Need”

Or even worse, you gotta love all those swing gadgets, eh? And some of them even have a pro that you recognize endorsing them! And of course, they do it for free because they believe in the product so much right? How about that one that actually looks like a mental patient straight jacket – very appropriate. (I kid you not if you haven’t seen it)

Why am I so sarcastic? Because I’m so tired of it all. I’m sick of those slick Madison Avenue blood-sucking ads taking money from average folks with the promise of THE PERFECT SWING! As if having the perfect swing is the object of the game itself! Uh, hello, knock knock, anyone home? The object of the game is to put the ball in the hole, duh…

Ok, I’m sorry but I had to get that off my chest. Let’s talk some turkey now. Can anyone tell me what good it is to be able to hit the 8 classic checkpoints of a “Correct” swing (that is if you even physically are able to, which most of us average golfers can’t anyway) when you’re knees are shaking and your hands are trembling in sheer terror on the first tee with 20 people watching you? NADA, zip, not worth even a cent.

They Keep Lying And You Keep Buying

How about the time when you missed that 2-footer because of the yips, that not only cost you that hole, but it cost you your cool and about 5 more holes right after…Yeah, that little train-track putting gadget really saved your butt there didn’t it?

Did you know that recent machine tests have been done that prove that an old persimmon wood (yep, you read that right, the kind your grandfather used to play) hits the ball the same distance as all those fancy new metals of today? The only difference is that the newer clubs have a larger sweet spot.

And yet, with larger sweet spots, with all those gadgets, all those swing instruction programs, all those new high-tech fancy clubs, all those new golf ball polymers, all those perfectly manicured courses and even GPS units that tell you exactly how far your next shot is… Average Golfer Scores
Have Not Dropped Since Steel Shafts Replaced Hickory.

Golfers of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s are laughing their butts off at us for that. And we deserve it!

…And The Golf Industry Just Keeps On Going To The Bank To Deposit Your Money

Allright then Mr. Smartypants, what’s the answer then huh, huh, huh?

Ok, I’ll tell you, but you know what? Before I do, you already know the answer. Yep, that’s right,
but it’s been buried under an avalanche of corporate suits scheming on how best to continue this ponzi
scheme of planned obsolesence where you are tricked into thinking that this year’s new clubs and
gadgets are what you need to play well!

Ok, so what do the 2 best living golfers of all time, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods have in common?

Do they both have the perfect swing? NO even Woods changes it every few years.

Are or were they the purest ball strikers? NO, they have both admitted that.

Are they the best putters? Both great but others were/are better, NO

Are they the longest hitters? Both long, but others are longer so: NO

Were they the most accurate, hitting the most fairways? NO again

So what is is that made them the best so far?


It’s not even argued about and there isn’t or wasn’t anyone else close in third place.

And That’s How You Consistently Achieve Your Lowest Scores. Period.

See, I told you that you knew the answer.

So what do pros like Nicklaus, Woods, Sorenstam and thousand of other people who PLAY GOLF FOR A LIVING do to Get A Great Mental Game? They hire golf psychologists and mental coaches.

Introducing Tom Kubistant, Ed.D., CSP – Sports Psychologist Specializing In Golf.

Dr. Kubistant Does A Tremendous Job

“Dr. Kubistant does a tremendous job in helping people reach their goals not only in golf, but in all aspects of their lives. It is remarkable watching him work with players from the junior level all the way through the college and professional ranks helping them reach as high as they can go.”

Pamela A. Whalen – Executive Director, Northern Nevada Golf Association

He’s Almost a Recluse, But Touring Pro’s Golf Psychologist, Dr. Tom Kubistant, Finally Agrees (Barely) to Go Public With His Over 30 Years of Golf Secrets!

Author of “Performing Your Best, Links Golf, Mind Pump: The Psychology of Body Building, business and sales training audios, over 280 articles for magazines and now………MIND LINKS The Psychology of Golf.

Way before the current crop of golf psychologists, 2 decades before anyone ever heard of the term “sports psychology,” Dr. Kubistant was working with Olympic Athletes, World-Class Tennis players, Baseball pitchers, Football Quarterbacks, Bowlers, Drag Racers, Body builders, Poker Players , Ballerinas, Gymnasts, Skaters, Rodeo Barrel Racers, Business Sales and Corporate Professionals and of course, Golfers.

In 1971, after working in private psychotherapy practice he dove headfirst into Human Performance and Achievement and became one of the pioneers of modern sports psychology. His own athletic prowess as a tennis pro and accomplished golfer spurred him on. If that isn’t enough, he maintains the complete “Bibliography On The Psychology Of Golf;” everything ever written on the mental game of golf. And HE HAS READ EVERYTHING IN IT!

Listen to a message from Dr. Kubistant

Today, Dr. Kubistant works primarily with golfers now . You’ll see him every year at Qualifying (Q) School with professionals trying to make the tour. He’s a member of the “Tour Instructional Series” conducting seminars all over the country. He currently works with the University of Nevada Men’s and Women’s golf teams. But, he confesses, he prefers to work with everyday average golfers and gets a special thrill out of watching them achieve their golf goals right before his eyes.

He Is Their Secret Weapon

“Do you really want to listen to someone who actually makes sense about this crazy game? Tom Kubistant is almost a reclusive man, but golfers who find him are always rewarded by his complete system of the mental game, his practical applications, and his everyday wisdom. Tom has been a regular contributor to my radio show since 1997. I am continually surprised at how much he knows for every playing situation. He just makes so much sense. Doc is also one of the few in his profession who strictly maintains his professional ethics regarding confidentiality with his golfers. So he cannot say who he works with. But I can! I have seen him work with his golfers at tournaments and have even interviewed a couple of them for my show. He is their secret weapon”

Vince Mastracco – Host of the nationally syndicated radio program: “Golf Talk”

NOW, You Can Work With One Of The World’s Foremost And Respected Golf Psychologists For Your Game.


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What do you get with this program?

Mind Links The Psychology of Golf. A 3-CD audio set giving you the heart of what Dr. Kubistant teaches to top golf pros from his 3 decades of experience in The Psychology of Golf. Widely regarded as THE most practical guide to the mental game of golf.

DISCOVER in : Mind Links

  • The adrenaline rush you’ll experience from reaching your scoring goal
  • The single most important thing you should do for your game right now
  • How to bring your “practice” or “range” game over to the course
  • Why great golfers are made, not born
  • What a survey of PGA players revealed were the most critical personality characteristics for successful golfers
  • How to play under pressure
  • The secrets to standing over a putt…and KNOWING it’s going in!
  • The dynamics of finishing out a round or tournament
  • The 4 mental fundamentals all golfers must have to score their lowest
  • The keys to really enjoying your round and letting your potential out
  • How to start making the right decisions on the course
  • Your toolbox of psychological and physical techniques to relax on the course
  • What to do when you go into a slump
  • When NOT to improve
  • How to develop concentration
  • The science of the mind/body connection as it relates to golf
  • The art and science of relaxed awareness for a fluid swing
  • How to bust through those mental “sticking points”
  • How to prevent the 4 most common errors all golfers make
  • How to change your bad shots into “good misses”
  • The proper use of swing thoughts and cues
  • How to manufacture “playing in the zone”
  • A 5-step process for visualizing shots that a 6-year-old can learn
  • The psychological qualities of world-class golfers
  • How to channel and use anger to your advantage
  • Your ability to control your emotions, eliminate negativity, nurture confidence, destroy fear

and too much more to list here…

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Love The Mind Links CD Set. Fun To Listen To

Love the Mind Links cd set. Extremely handy for the car.
Plenty of choice rather than this or that dogmatic set of instructions and fun to listen to.
By being very conscious of the need to relax I have been able, most of the time, to achieve a reasonably relaxed state over chips and pitches and, on recent rounds, have been able to swing in the Dave Pelz mode as a consequence. The walking idea is very practicable: being left-handed I am walking like Phil Mickelson which to me means walking purposefully. I repeat, your writings and the Mind Links materials have helped me to be calmer. Hope springs eternal!!!”

PAlan Rutherford, Liverpool, United Kingdom


Doc Has Been The Fifteenth Club In My Bag

“For over five years, ‘Doc’ has been the fifteenth club in my bag. He brings the wisdom, perspectives, intensity, and even humor that keeps me on course.”

Bob Leist – Teaching and playing professional

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The Psychology of Chipping and Putting ebook.

The Undisputed Authority In All Golf On “THE YIPS”

An incredible 121 pg. collection of Dr. Kubistant’s best works on the short game developed from over 30 years experience working with golfers of all abilities.

  • Tom’s 27 all-time best putting tips
  • How to master the art and science of reading putts
  • His “secret” step-by-step putting method and system
  • 6 physical techniques to use to destroy the “chipping yips”
  • The 5 basic concepts of how to consistently perform well in golf
  • What all human performance is dependent on and how you can get it
  • Tips and techniques to create your own mental “toolbox” for every situation
  • Psychological and personality adjustments you will make to become a short-game wizard
  • Touring-pro tested strategies to get you through when you’re not playing your best
  • How to eliminate chunking, chili-dipping, skulling and other chipping errors
  • How to make the putting yips disappear…and never come back!

and much more… ($99.00 Value…Yours Free)

Tom Is Our Refuge

“Tom is our secret weapon for competitive golfers. He both calms us and inspires us. It sometimes gets lonely and confusing out there. Tom is our refuge for us to come back to our best performances.”

Frank Roberson, Touring Professional


Dr. Kubistant’s Emergency Cards 3 specially-designed cards to carry in your golf bag to have just when you need his advice the most. It’s like having him with you out on the course, talking over your shoulder, whispering in your ear of what you need right at that moment to get past that difficult pressure putt, the frustration of shanking it out of bounds, or KEEPING YOU IN THE ZONE when you’re playing awesome!
Do you know how many professionals there are out there on Tour, TODAY, that swear by these little cards and wouldn’t even think of going out and competing without them?
What’s a blown round score worth to you to get it back?
(Easily a $49.00 Value…Yours Free)

Get “Mind Links” Now

Unlocking The Mental Barriers

“It’s a fact that a person can acquire a complete mastery of the skills needed to succeed in golf. Yet, this same person may not be able to perform in a consistenly winning manner. As a highly regarded sports psychologist, Dr. Tom Kubistant has made a difference when it comes to unlocking the mental barriers that may keep us from success in golf.”

Jan Usher – PGA, Lakeridge Golf Course


Membership in the “Online Classics Golf Library.” Special Limited Time Bonus!!!


Our parent company, Break 80 Inc. has arranged for your Lifetime Membership in this exclusive club at NO ADDITIONAL COST!
Dr. Kubistant will give you everything you need for the mental game. The Golf Library will fill in the gaps for the rest of what you need to hit your scoring goal.

“…are worth the price of the system on their own!”

These are classic golf books that are now out of print and in the public domain that will be posted for you to download and not available anywhere else! This bonus will be removed and will be a separate paid subscription product when this digital golf library is large enough but you will be “grandfathered in” – INDEFINITELY! (as long I am still kicking and scratching on this earth). Currently at 11 books and growing! Check out what you get right now:

  • How to Solve Your Golf Problems by Byron Nelson, Paul Runyan, John Revolta, Jack Burke jr. ($19.00 Value…Yours Free)
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Total Value – $224.00
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It’s Time For You To Join The Elite Golfers Dr. Tom Works With

So, if you’re like most of us, you are pretty much left with only one alternative to get any significant gains in lowering your score, and that’s TO WORK ON YOUR MENTAL GAME. Because that takes virtually NO TIME!

And if you do have time to practice, well, there isn’t a serious pro who doesn’t work on his mental game as much as his physical game. See the paragraph about Woods and Nicklaus above. Both have done just that.

Take all the swing lessons in the world and it won’t help unless you have your head right in this game.

  • Hit 1000 golf balls this week on the range and it’s all for nothing if you can’t bring it to the course under pressure.
  • Buy the most expensive clubs on the planet and you’re throwing money down the toilet if you can’t stop your hands from shaking while you putt.
  • I was going to mention a swing gadget here but, I can’t stop laughing about the straight jacket one I mentioned above, haha.

You might now be thinking: “But those guys are pros at the highest levels of the game, that doesn’t apply to me”

And You Couldn’t Be Any More Wrong Because Golf is 90% Mental For EVERYONE!

(unless of course you’re not human or you don’t have a mind – I’ll give you that argument)

It’s Like He’s Inside My Own Head

“There’s many golf psychologists out there but none of them know the average golfer like Tom Kubistant. Once I interviewed him and heard “Mind Links”, I knew I had the real deal in sports psychology. He is just so intimately in touch with the realities and struggles we all face on and off the course and how to deal with them. It’s like he’s inside my own head talking to me personally when I’m out on the course facing tough spots. And he just calmly leads me through like a sherpa guide climbing up Mt. Everest.”

Craig Sigl – www.break80golf.com


Let’s make this really simple. If at any time during your first year after purchase, you are not satisfied for any reason that you didn’t receive more value than you expect, just return the product and you’ll receive a full refund for the product cost. No weasel clauses here.

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Thanks To Tom’s Help

“I still play like s***, but thanks to Tom’s help I now feel much better about myself! I am such an airhead sometimes. Tom didn’t try to change this, but helped me accept who I am. I think I really need to study his latest book!”

Tour player who wished to stay anonymous

Ok, What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

Dr. Kubistant works with dozens of golfers, in person, every week. You could spend a couple thousand U.S. dollars to fly to Reno, Nevada and take personal coaching with him if you like…Just like many top professionals do to get his goldmine of golf wizardry that he built over the last 4 decades. Call me if you want information to do that and I’ll hook you up.

Or, you can continue to spend hundreds of dollars on new equipment every year hoping and praying that this latest new club will finally “do the trick” for you. Only to find out that the it only “works for you” for a short time…because it’s all in your head anyway.

Or, you can keep spending big money on more lessons from swing instructors giving you contradictory swing advice that only ends up confusing you.

Or, you can start on a path to actually working on the 90% of the game you’ve been ignoring and get all Dr. Kubistant and the Online Classics Golf Library has to offer right to you at your home or office at the unbelievable price of $87 plus shipping. ($5 to U.S., $6 to Canada/Mexico, $11 – world) Less than the cost of that gadget you saw on “That” Channel or in the magazines.

I mean c’mon, Dr. Kubistant’s secrets will actually allow you to KEEP MORE OF YOUR MONEY IN YOUR POCKET. How many times have you paid big green fees at some course and then couldn’t even enjoy the experience because you sucked so bad? You might as well have stayed home and SAVED YOUR MONEY right?

How many times have you had a bet going or in a tourament and you had a shot you HAD TO MAKE UNDER PRESSURE? And because your mental game was pitiful, YOU LOST? Your Mental Game is COSTING YOU MONEY!

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This Program Pays For Itself Many Times Over?

  • No more sucker gadgets,
  • No more wishing you had this year’s newest clubs – Fall in love with and play awesome with the clubs you own right now,
  • No more temptation to buy the latest swing guru videos
Allow My Swings To Emerge

“”I am on of those unfortunate souls who has the ‘full swing yips.’ After playing for over twenty years, I was close to abandoning the game I loved. Playing partners and pros alike were dumbfounded; nothing I tried or they offered could fix it. Tom did not offer quick miracle cures. Rather, he helped me establish a ‘toolbox’ of techniques that I have been able to adopt as my own–how to relax, trust myself, commit to targets, and allow my swings to emerge. Moreover, his can-do attitude and eternal optimism are contagious. I have found my confidence returning and with a renewed spirit and love of the game.”

Joan Promwell, senior golfer

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Or if you prefer to order by phone, call Break 80 Inc. Toll-Free at:


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`Break 80 Inc.

9 Lake Bellevue Dr. #214

Bellevue, WA 98005

*Shipping: ($5 to U.S., $6 to Canada/Mexico, $11 anywhere else in the world)

Craig Sigl, The Golf No-Practice Expert

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So How About It? Are You Serious About Scoring Lower…Or Still In Denial With Your Game?

I Was Able To Transform My Game

“Tom Kubistant’s understanding of the mental and emotional aspects of the game of golf are unparalleled. Over a period of a few months, with his help, I was able to transform my game from the level of a decent club player to qualifying for the U.S. Senior Amateur. Tom helped me to the next level.”

Norm Miller

P.S. Bottom Line: tell me, where can you hire a golf psychologist with over 30 years of experience to work with you for under $100? NOWHERE! You’ll get Dr. Kubistant’s famous Mind Links audio program, The Psychology of Chipping and Putting ebook, The Online Classics Golf Book library, Dr Tom’s Emergency cards, brilliance from a a sports psychologist who trained OLYMPIC ATHLETES and now PRO GOLFERS!

Unless you have a rock-solid mental game, you’d have to be crazy to pass this up!!

P.S. #2, EVERY SERIOUS TEACHER AND PRO says that GOLF IS 90% Mental right? EVERY SERIOUS GOLFER AND INSTRUCTOR utilizes a mental coach because of that. Now, why would you go with anyone else for this training than the BEST IN THE BUSINESS, huh? I think you are a lot smarter than to think that just because someone makes it on TV that they know what they’re doing. Dr. Kubistant’s wisdom and techniques are frighteningly potent!

Get “Mind Links” Now

P.S. #3 Ok, maybe you’re fine with your temper tantrums, outbursts, whining and compaining but I know you’re spouse or golfing partner you play with isn’t. Are you one of THOSE people that others say behind your back: ” Oh no, don’t tell me I have to play 18 rounds with HIM (or HER) AGAIN!”

He Knows So Much…An Inspiration

Kubi has done so much for me and my team that words are hard to use to express it. I met Kubi last year. He did a group session for our women’s and men’s teams together. He talked to them about pressures, expectations, successes and how they are created, and seemed to roll everything into life. That session left my team motivated and energized for their first event. We traveled to Arizona’s tournament with no practice as we were under feet of snow last February and still finished better than anyone thought we would.
Ultimately, he has given much more than he will ever know to the girls and myself. His attitude and approach to life has reflected on all of us. As well our team re-evaluation has directed the team from a path of unsuccessful activities to a path that will only provide us with success as long as we do not stray away from the path he has set. Kubi has been an inspiration for me as well. Unknown to him, his “skull sessions” that he did with the team were related around golf but for me they also related very much to life.
I know that the team would be devastated to not have Kubi to rely on for mental help and just to talk with about life challenges in general. As for me, I coached this team alone last year and although I learned a lot about coaching and myself; having Kubi coaching the team and myself on our mental thoughts and attitudes has helped me to learn more than I could have ever dreamed of. He knows so much and relates so well with all of us that I couldn’t do this job without him.

Judy Dansie, University of Nevada Reno Women’s Golf Coach

Last Chance! Only You Know What You’ll Be Missing or How Many Strokes You Could Have Save If You Had Become A Protege’ of Dr. Tom Kubistant With Mind Links. Click Below To Never Wonder Whether You Are Playing At Your Potential Best.

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