52 Ways To Lower Your Golf Score
Without Practice

52 Ways to Lower Your Golf Score Without Practice“Can a golfer play better without practice? That’s the question we asked several of our Top 100 Teachers, and their answer was a resounding “Yes!”
Golf Magazine March 2004 pg 105

“What you have heard about me is true. I don’t practice.”
Bruce Lietzke, 20-wins on PGA and Champions Tours. 2005 Links Letter

“Five minutes in an easy chair, mentally rehearsing the Morrison Keys, which afford you a successful swing, will improve your game more than weeks of hip-swiveling on the practice ground with a blank mind.”
Alex J. Morrison (golf instructor to Jack Grout, Henry Pickard, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope) from the book Better Golf Without Practice 1940

“The effectiveness of mental practice (MP., i.e., the imagination of performing a motor skill without overt movement) has been well documented.”
Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport 66.n3 (Sept 1995): pp262(6)

Table Of Contents:

  •   1. You’ve been doing it all wrong.
  •   2. Break free from the brainwashing.
  •   3. Most golfers don’t want to score lower.
  •   4. How to improve your ability to focus.
  •   5. Tap into that other 90% of unused power.
  •   6. Clear your past misses and chokes.
  •   7. Drop the “spin” addiction & drop strokes.
  •   8. Here’s the antidote to pressure.
  •   9. The silver bullet on the short game.
  • 10. Your swing is plenty good enough.
  • 11. Watch golf on TV to lower your score.
  • 12. Create confidence from scratch.
  • 13. How to get better at visualizing shots.
  • 14. How to master your emotions.
  • 15. The key to making lower scores a reality.
  • 16. Never putt with more than one ball.
  • 17. Stop TRYING for lower scores.
  • 18. View all golf advice with skepticism.
  • 19. Instant cure for fear of missing.
  • 20. How to get consistency without practice.
  • 21. This book’s most powerful strategy.
  • 22. How to overcome the slow play blues.
  • 23. This book’s second most powerful advice.
  • 24. A quick way to get a good putting stroke.
  • 25. Improve your putting touch in 5 minutes.
  • 26. You must have these shots ready to go.
  • 27. The secret to eliminating balloon scores.
  • 28. Make the hole as big as a bucket.
  • 29. Making alignment a very easy habit.
  • 30. Turn wait time into lower scores.
  • 31. Double your fun and green fee value.
  • 32. Teach yourself how to relax on command.
  • 33. How to get an oily swing.
  • 34. Improve your sand play in 4 swings.
  • 35. Fix your slice at home, permanently.
  • 36. Use your iphone to correct your swing.
  • 37. On-the-course emergency fix for hooking.
  • 38. On-the-course emergency fix for slicing.
  • 39. Having fun improving your short game.
  • 40. What you can easily copy from the pros.
  • 41. Stop destroying your visualizations.
  • 42. Start making more of those 4 foot putts.
  • 43. How to develop feel for any golf shot.
  • 44. Eliminate 90% of all your mistakes.
  • 45. 5 tips to improve green reading now.
  • 46. Increase your driving distance.
  • 47. It’s like having 28 clubs in the bag.
  • 48. Build FOCUS and use it at crunch time.
  • 49. Fix all your putting troubles at home.
  • 50. How to really become target-focused.
  • 51. Learn how to play “unconscious” golf.
  • 52. How to calm your nerves on the course.