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How To Focus Better In Golf – part 2


I’ve been asked hundreds of times how to focus better in golf.  If you’ve been golfing for any significant amount of time, you have undoubtedly finished a round and looked back on where you lost strokes and come to the conclusion that it was blow up hole or two where you lost your focus. What Click to watch video …

How to improve your focus in golf – part 1

Transcript I’m often asked about how to improve my focus on the course and in this video, I’ll address it by telling you that what you think is a “focus” problem is really a “motivation” issue. Yep, you heard me and I know you’ll agree when you follow my logic here. so here it is, Click to watch video …

Overcoming Swing-Killing Nerves In Golf

  I have been playing golf for 40 years and coached athletes since I was 18.  I have studied the mental side of sports performance, in particular golf, the whole time.  If you do any reading of golf books or take advice from good players and sports psychologists, you WILL hear something like this: Play Click to watch video …

Take the underdog attitude to be a dangerous golf competitor


In competitive golf, expectations are one of the killers of a good golf swing and putting stroke. If you go out there on the course with a mindset that you HAVE to protect your reputation or standing as a favorite, well, that can be a huge liability. Whether you are or are not the favorite, Click to watch video …

Change Your Beliefs About Your Golf Game


How many times have you thought you had a great round going and then you fell apart? This happens to every golfer from beginner to world-class pro. Too many golfers think that the solution to the problem is to go out there and hit more balls and tweak their swing and then they find out Click to watch video …