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Slow Down To Golf Time


    A segment from just one of the 8 golf instructors in the Great Golf Without Practice Bootcamp     Right Click to Download .mp3 for later listening   Eric Jones Programs: Blast Method For Longer Drives Brown Bag Golf Training Program Scoring Clubs DVD Program A-Game Cheatsheet   Nor Cal PGA Names Eric Click to watch video …

Without Practice Bootcamp – Lag Swing Drill For Distance

Golf Swing Lag Drill

Alex Fortey – Former pro player, founder of Athletic Golf Training, and golf performance coach. Creator of the Intelligent Golf Distance Training and Putting Myths Destroyed program, shows us a simple, yet effective way to work on your swing whenever you have a few moments at home, or at the office. This is one of Click to watch video …

Stop over thinking and focus better on the course – Part 4


Transcript: How to improve focus for golf part 4   Ok, you still need help with focus for your golf game even after what I taught you in the first 3 parts huh?   Well, then you’ve got some work to do. And that work I’m talking about is clearing the destructive beliefs you have Click to watch video …

How to improve your focus – Part 3


Break 80 Without Practice  Black Friday Discount Code:   BFriday30 Good thru Nov 30, 2014 Transcript How to improve focus part 3   This third lesson on how to improve your ability to focus is really easy yet powerful when you implement it as a habit.   As I said in the previous videos on improving Click to watch video …

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