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How to improve your focus – Part 3


Break 80 Without Practice  Black Friday Discount Code:   BFriday30 Good thru Nov 30, 2014 Transcript How to improve focus part 3   This third lesson on how to improve your ability to focus is really easy yet powerful when you implement it as a habit.   As I said in the previous videos on improving Click to watch video …

Take your best driving range swing to the course


Learn From The Pros Playing Styles To Maximize Your Game


By Wade Pearse   Download Playing Styles report Take a look at a few players at the PGA Championship this weekend. There are various playing styles. Yet something interesting is happening on tour due to the equipment. Swings have changed over the years but never as much as the modern swing has due to the Click to watch video …

Preshot Routine Timing – The Secret Key to Guaranteed Consistency


I’m not sure which is most important for golfers. Accuracy? Distance? Well, no matter which one might be in first place I know that consistency is my greatest desire in golf. In fact this must be near the top of most golfers wish list. You scan work on your swing and do traditional things to Click to watch video …

Techniques to calm the nerves in golf

Wade Pearse Overcome Nerves

Special 50% off Deal on Wade’s Golf Whole Mind Mastery Course- Click Here When was the last time you were nervous over a putt or a shot? Maybe the last time you stood on the first tee! Hey, we ALL get nervous at least once in a while. After all, we’re human, not robots. Ok, Click to watch video …