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Pre-shot routine part 2 (Alignment drill)


Alignment is a huge part of a pre-shot routine and so I included a quick drill from my buddy Steve Wozeniak. This video has the next 5 elements of an effective routine to trigger the unconscious golf mechanism and set you up for success. (part 1 pre shot routine) Here’s the Without Practice Bootcamp The Click to watch video …

Ben Hogan’s secrets


An Effective Pre-shot Routine – part 1

dont hit it into the lake

A purposeful pre-shot routine sets a golfer up for consistency in the swing.  It’s one of the easiest things in golf to do consistently and it creates consistency momentum going into the swing itself.   Here’s part 1 of Craig’s 6 elements to a pre-shot routine that takes full advantage of the benefits to every golfer, Click to watch video …

Make All Your Short Putts part 3


If you are already excellent at making short putts, then you might not want to watch this. I don’t want you “thinking” about your short putts with new info that you don’t need. If you are a firm believer in the “Open door, close door” putting school of thought, then this won’t apply to you Click to watch video …

2 Drills You Can Do In Your Living Room


The video below shows you how I find my perfect swing when I haven’t played in awhile. Click Here for another way to find your perfect swing Click to watch video …