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The Eyes Over The Ball Putting Tip is a Myth


Some Myths In Golf Instruction Make The Likelihood Of Being A Good Putter Almost Impossible… Golf instruction is simply outdated and incorrect when it comes to the “flat stick”. It is simply misinformation. Virtually nobody correctly studies the exact science regarding putting mechanics and applied bio-mechanical principles. In fact, there are 8 myths that most Click to watch video …

Andy Gorman Tour Putting Coach


You can ignore the host telling you have to watch Part 1, you don’t. There’s a lot of blah blah there and he actually covers what you need to know here. I watched it to save you the time. (By the way, I don’t know anything about the host, Rick)  I just spent the time Click to watch video …

Steve Wozeniak – Fix Your Swing At Home


Steve Wozeniak is one of 8 instructors in the Great Golf Without Practice Bootcamp where you can find 100 tips, tactics and techniques to work on your game anywhere, without practice.  Just $19. Steve is a PGA Director of Instruction in Bellevue, Washington and has 25 years experience teaching 75 Tour players and more than 300 PGA and Click to watch video …

Slow Down To Golf Time


    A segment from just one of the 8 golf instructors in the Great Golf Without Practice Bootcamp     Right Click to Download .mp3 for later listening   Eric Jones Programs: Blast Method For Longer Drives Brown Bag Golf Training Program Scoring Clubs DVD Program A-Game Cheatsheet   Nor Cal PGA Names Eric Click to watch video …

Without Practice Bootcamp – Lag Swing Drill For Distance

Golf Swing Lag Drill

Alex Fortey – Former pro player, founder of Athletic Golf Training, and golf performance coach. Creator of the Intelligent Golf Distance Training and Putting Myths Destroyed program, shows us a simple, yet effective way to work on your swing whenever you have a few moments at home, or at the office. This is one of Click to watch video …